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Dead Night (2017)
I feel as if... something's missing...
24 March 2019
It starts off in a beautiful setting with decent imagery, acceptable characters and a unique concept. The practical effects on the monsters and transformations were amazing, and loved the gore. It starts off with a family traveling to a remote cabin up in the snowy mountains, think of a supernatural slasher with monster like elements. My main problem was how confusing the plot was, and everything kind of ended outta no where. The action we get is decent tho, but it lacks a GOOD explanation of what was going on and why. But I dug it, recommend it if you got nothing else to do with your time.
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21 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Alright.. I'll be honest, the first one was not my cup of tea all though there were some good scares, and a dope ending. 2 and 3 saved me from hating the franchise, as 4 was kinda decent it had its minor problems. The Marked Ones, absolutely loved it!! It felt refreshing and loved how it connected, the last act when they teamed up was fun to watch too. The Ghost Dimensionnnnnn.... I actually didn't mind the concept all tho 'Fear of the unseen/unknown' was the point of Paranormal Activity. They severely butchered the half decent concept, with yet a recycled plot of the first 5 with less action and more 'Toby floating around the house for 3D'. Now, I was looking forward to the ending tho, since it is the last one as they confirmed, they could've totally pulled an epic conclusion. They hardly explore the "ghost dimension" nor explain/answer questions from previous films that were supposed to be answered. Toby cant be seen unless they have the ghost camera, and in the previous films he either snaps peoples bones or throws em, in this one hes like.. stabbing everyone through the chests with his giant arm and later someone pukes toby out too (The black stuff) and it's like wait what?... anyways, the movie was just silly and completely missed the point of Paranormal activity.
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Leatherface (2017)
They almost got it.
14 August 2018
Went in with low expectations, and got what was expected. Gore, action and a somewhat alright climax? I love the franchise so much, especially the very first 2. The remake and prequel were excellent too, and I'm glad they didnt continue the storyline after texas chainsaw 3D. They nailed it with the practical effects and the deaths scenes. Satisfying for a gore lover, after all these toned down sequels in general lately. All 3 main characters go from one dimensional to "I'm gonna do whatever it takes to escape" and actually become.. smart? Wait... there are smart characters in a slasher?!! Yup, but the problem is once half of these characters are developed, they're either instantly killed off or vanish rate off the radar. The movie itself feels like it doesn't know what it wants to be. For a fan, you'll be satisfied with the deaths and action it had but you might be disappointed with the choice of pacing and direction. But there's one scene that just bothers me... you'll find out when you see it.
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LOL!!! hey what were we really expecting???
4 August 2018
"Sorry, we will make the movie you wanted to see next time." Can pretty much sum up this entire film. The fear and dread in the first 2 were what made them both so iconic and classics, Well at least the first one anyways. This has nothing to do with being against Victor, and I wanted to say that the camera work, editing and choice of cinematography was great. But damn, why make a choice to slow down the pacing and focus on these one dimensional characters with hardly any interesting backstory? Another thing.. they could've saved up a big budget to have good amount of nighttime scenes. The big problem is, there was nothing to fear.. everything about the creeper felt comical, comedic and flat. No explanations, lack of action, laughable use of CGI, cheap/plastic props. The twist or if you even wanna call it a twist.. nah don't even get me started. Lastly, since when did the creeper have this equipment to make these CGI booby traps???... I'm saying that half these sequels that come out on a daily basis lack action, story and a habit of rehashing the plot. If you wanna have some good laughs, watch it. You might be surprised how quickly the franchise changes tones. It really hurts to say that too.
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Jigsaw (I) (2017)
Look, I know they were trying to grab new viewers to see new life brought to the series but...... (SPOILERS)
3 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I love the saw franchise, but man I hate to be this guy. Being a fan of the first 6. So 10 years later, bodys start appearing around the area. Obviously people point fingers at the jigsaw killer aka john Kramer or a copycat. As the boring dull police investigation drags, we see 5 victims stranded in a barn with tests yet to complete. Now, I was excited for this. After walking out of the theater, I wasn't just overwhelmed.. But I also thought to myself ".... I know the director of saw 2 didn't put any effort in part 4, but damn..." The traps were uninspired and less creative to the extreme. There was dread/fear in the previous saw movies especially the first 3 but in this one they take all of that away and rely on heavy CGI and easy tame ideas to get filming done quicker... cough cough GRAIN SILO.. cough... SILO WIRES...Borrowing all things from the first 7 and toning everything down is a big mistake especially for a hardcore saw fanatic. Everything felt unfinished and unsatisfying, but I still had high hopes for the "great ending" that the directors were hyping up about. spoilers but.. not just the horrible cgi at the end, but that twist really wasn't a twist to me. It just added something to the timeline that made everything even more complicated... not in a good way either. John CLEARLY said in 7 that Dr Gordon was his very first associate/apprentice. So I just dont see how the barn game/new apprentice thing was all before 1.. just makes it frustrating. overall it was just too tame. I know they were grabbing new viewers to see new life of the saw series but it really was overall recycled ideas executed in the most boring dullest ways... unsatisfying at best.
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