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Murdered by My Father (2016 TV Movie)
18 April 2016
just finished watching it felt sick to my stomach and surprised that this happens in London. ...kinda going through the same situation makes me wonder how my own father will react its true a dilemma and a hard choice to make for us middle eastern girls whether to make our parents happy or take our freedom by force. ALTHOUGH this movie is a bit too harsh real parents aren't like that at least not to the extend of murdering their own children then again I don't know until I go through this myself... I don't believe what she did was right but neither wrong. after all what is a girl or any person suppose to do when their own parents don't listen to them i really recommend showing this to your parents and try to show them how wrong forced marriage is PS I agree the title gave it all away they should have made it more mysterious especially the beginning (which is the ending)
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