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Hexed (1993)
this movie is an undiscovered gem!
25 June 2005
I can not believe there are so many people dissing this movie! I found it by accident, and I rent it every time i can find it! i hear it is finally coming out on DVD, and i couldn't be happier! this movie is totally hilarious! the absolute funniest sex scene ever! (if i ever meet a girl who does this, i think i would shoot myself!) I would highly recommend this movie to anyone breathing with a sense of humor! It is one of the best "black humor" comedies ever made. As someone else pointed out, there are no big name actors or actresses in this film, but there are a lot of familiar faces. The bottom line is, from the screenplay down to the acting, this is one funny movie!
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low budget college film
14 June 2005
I have seen a lot of low budget movies, and this is definitely one of the lowest budgets of any movie you will ever see. The camera work and acting are very amateurish, although there are moments that will make some people laugh out loud. A couple of times, you get the idea that the filmmakers actually planned it that way. Some of the characters are done very well, but most are just... not even good enough to be made fun of on mystery science theater 3000. This has a few similarities to other "zombie" movies that actually had a budget, but mostly it was horror movie clichés. The directors of this movie should get a f+ for effort. For what it is, could be worse.
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could be worse...
14 June 2005
well, basically, if you liked the "kentucky fried movie" you will like this movie. this is a collection of short skits also, held together by an ongoing news program. there are some really funny moments, but most are kind of lame. for the budget they used, not bad at all. look for the "fed up express" its hilarious! there are other moments that could be so much better, but all in all, if you are looking for something to make your friends ask where the heck you found this movie, this is one of them! i would recommend renting it if you get a discount, but not at full price, you will be very disappointed. taken for what it is, this is not a wholly terrible film, although it does miss a lot of opportunities.
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