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One of the Most Realistic Portrayals of the South
6 November 2014
I absolutely love this movie!!!!!!!!!!! It is a perfect display of small town Arkansas life. Its also a touching coming of age story that could (and did) really happen. I cry every time I watch this movie. Happy tears. Anyone from Arkansas should see this movie just to prove that not everyone sees or portrays Arkansas as nothing but hillbillies and hicks. The F-bomb is dropped a couple of times but its not like they swear every other word. Its also not full of "a-list" actors, but they do a terrific job. It also shows how people need each other to overcome adversity. The two main characters are Wheels and Enoch. Wheels has CP but no mental deficiencies and Enoch is the star pitcher for the high school baseball team but has a stuttering problem. Enoch helps wheels with his physical needs and Wheels helps him with his social needs.
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