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Total Letdown, Not Funny
26 April 2006
What a terrible movie. The previews looked good, I like the director/screenwriter, and I even like Hugh Grant *and* Mandy Moore. But the film is dull, unfunny, and totally flat. The script isn't witty or clever and most of the actors look bored (especially Hugh Grant). Dennis Quaid doesn't do enough with his character. I was expecting a well-written satire of "American Idol" and the Bush Administration. I was only somewhat intrigued with the dark, unexpected ending but that came only after a boring hour-and-a-half. For a GOOD parody/satire with a GOOD script and GOOD acting, watch "Saved" (about a Christian high school, starring Mandy Moore), "Welcome to the Dollhouse" (about the horrors of junior high school), and "Election" (about a high school student government campaign). "American Dreamz" is already a bomb in the U.S., only made something like $3.5 million during its opening weekend. When I saw the film, there were only THREE of us in the theater! That says a lot.
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