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Under the Dome: Reconciliation (2014)
Season 2, Episode 5
What a Disappointment !
1 August 2014
I really had high hopes that this Stephen King novel, with Spielberg guidance, would capture my imagination. The writing is terrible, and each episode gets worse. How it gets an IMDb rating greater than 5 is baffling. The characters are unbelievable and poorly acted, and the plot meanders from one contrived crisis to another.

Each new mystery tries to tease the viewer to keep watching, but the story moves so slowly, and the characters behave so irrationally, that it creates more frustration than interest. The story seems to be a hybrid of Lost and Gilligan's Island in that the situation (or any understanding of it) does not improve over time, and the main story points are about the personal interactions of the characters, and not the bigger picture: How and why are they trapped?

And what is the deal with the rest of the outside world? You would expect them to be all over the perimeter trying to communicate, and work with Chester's Mill to set them free. But instead you get a nuclear strike. Really??

Maybe it will end like Lost, revealing nothing, when we find out they have been dead all along, and nothing was real.

I think I'm done.
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