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Chicago Fire (2012– )
A Great Edition to TV Entertainment....Chicago Fire
20 May 2014
When this show first aired, I was not interested on watching a fire fighting drama. Besides, I've been watching another Wolf Production since 1999 and that was good enough for me. However, when Chicago PD was introduced, I decided to watch it because it came on directly after my favorite show and I love TV drama series. I feel in love with Chicago PD because of the zest and criminal kick-ass and I was hooked.

When Chicago Fire crossed over with Chicago PD recently, I was forced to watch Chicago Fire. Hummm, Chicago Fire very interesting and exciting I thought. I went to HBO On Demand and watched Season 2 of Chicago Fire. Let me tell you, I didn't cook, I didn't answer my phone, I ordered food delivery service and didn't move off of my sofa(only for bbreak) until I watched every episode. I then went to a local retail store and bought Season 1 and the disconnect from the world started all over again. By now you know where my review is going.

Watching Chicago Fire help me to understand Detective Voight, Dawson etc.. and how Chicago PD was piloted. I was upset with me for not watching Chicago Fire initially. Readers, to understand Chicago PD, you have to watch Chicago Fire. I love the intertwining of the shows. It is so damn interesting.

Chicago Fire is a potpourri of diversity, family, loyalty, emotions and laughter. A show that promotes life/death,the response and the danger firefighters face everyday, gives me a deeper respect for my local firefighter and EMT services.

I commend Mr. Wolf for having such great writers and actors/actress, I am humbled. I am aware it's only entertainment. However it's entertainment in a true and realistic form.

One of the Best Shows on TV.
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True Detective: After You've Gone (2014)
Season 1, Episode 7
Quiet Before the Storm
3 March 2014
Last night's episode,"After You've Gone" in my opinion, was more a laid back attitude. I wanted to see more aggressiveness. The best fire for me was when Cole told Maggie to leave the bar. Proud of you Cole.

I was surprised the viewers could not see the picture Cole showed Marty of the ritual. We can take it. I really thought it was a picture of Marty's daughter, especially because of the tiara she threw in the tree.

I hope this last episode is a continuation to a next season thriller. To tie this "Yellow King" finale is one more way. You gotta leave room for a sequel.

We know the interrogating officers (Potts and Kittles) were not apart of a conspiracy because they did not recognize the scarred face man on the riding lawn mower.

I predict the Pastor (Joel)Theriot maybe the Yellow King. The again Marty will not surprise me if he is a part of the conspiracy, especially when he went bide farewell to Maggie. Did he know Cole was getting close? Then again Cole may know it is Marty and playing him.

True Detectives is not predictable...that's what make it a great show!
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True Detective: Haunted Houses (2014)
Season 1, Episode 6
Haunted House
24 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Best episode thus far! I do not blame Maggie for what she did, but not with Cole; should have been the guy she meet at the bar. Marty is a sex addict..bottom line.

I admired the way the writer had Marty leave his gun in the desk drawer, that was thinking with a clear head. Even down to the Lieutenant reprimanding the officer for letting them fight...great writing. Great show and great actors!

I admired the fact that Marty and Cole kept their personal beef between them and not the police department, in addition they did not expect Cole to quit...he is their best detective...that's why Marty is nothing without him...I love the way Cole stated that!

Again, best episode so far because, Marty final believes Cole is right that people are still missing.
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