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Life (I) (2007–2009)
Great show -- Needs to be resurrected!
6 June 2012
I absolutely love this show! I don't know if it is the writers, the actors, or what, but boy what a perfect combination! Its an absolute travesty to cancel a show this good when there is so much junk posing as entertainment that goes on and on for years. My husband and I are so disenchanted with television and the icky reality shows, so we watch Netflix and Amazon streaming TV and movies. We luckily came across Life while searching for things to watch, but we are extremely disappointed that it only lasted 2 seasons. We are well into the 2nd season, and I'm feeling a bit sad with the ending of each episode that I'm then one show closer to it being over with. This show has a good balance of drama, mystery, humor, really good tongue-in-cheek humor too, and great actors. I'm not done with it yet, but I'm missing it already!
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'Til Death: The Baby (2010)
Season 4, Episode 34
The first 2 seasons were funny
4 June 2012
My husband and I enjoyed the first 2 seasons (which is why I give it a 4 and not a 1). Then really weird stuff started happening: 1) the writing got bad;2) too many Allys (4 in all); 3) what the heck happened to the Woodcocks?? No explanation whatsoever! How about just a "they moved" explanation? How hard would that have been to write into the script??; 4) Kenny had been living with them (with no explanation why for about 4-5 episodes, then all of a sudden, they have the episode explaining why Kenny is living with them. I haven't gotten to the Ally's pregnant one yet, but I hear it was done in the same vein; and 5) it got not-funny and very mean-spirited. I'm guessing the husband and wife writing team were headed for divorce, and that's how they were feeling and wrote the scripts the same way: MEAN AND NASTY! We're in the 4th season now, and I can't wait for it to be over with. My husband thinks the show is going to get better. He thinks it can't get any worse, but I beg to differ. I cringe every night thinking he's going to want to watch another episode. I have him play it last at night so in case I fall asleep, nothing lost on that show! UGH!! Too bad, because it had SO much potential, and I really did enjoy the heck out of it the first 2 seasons. After that, a waste of time and space.
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Pistols 'n' Petticoats (1966–1967)
Great show!
8 March 2005
I was a pretty young kid when this show was on, but I can remember how much I loved it. I was surfing around on this site and came across Spring Byington's biography and I thought it was she who co-starred in the show as Ann Sheridan's mother, but come to find out, it was Ruth McDevitt. But I did remember the name of the show. I wish it would come out on DVD so I could see the show again. I loved all of the characters on the show. It didn't seem hokey or stupid or sappy to me, it seemed smart and funny, and so did all of the people on the show. Of course, like I said, I was just a kid. I was so sad when Ann Sheridan died and the show ended. I know sometimes if someone leaves a show, whether its a death or a career change, they will replace the person with another actor, but it sure wouldn't have worked in this case, so it was just as well the show ended, although all too early.
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