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King Eternal (2013)
22 October 2013
I don't know if you want me to review this, they might not believe me. Great. I wanted my friend to name her child King Eternal ? and I mean that on so many levels. Resting above now. King Eternal is thoughtful more than anything. Colorful. Chopped almost perfectly (Edited). Directed very well. Lit a little over the top but the innocence of childhood shines through because of it. The acting is on point for such a small frame to put art on the screen that means something. A great short film. Stay up Christiano and everyone. Love, grace, kindness, thought, aliens, God I see it all in King Eternal. Landon Pelant was bitter with light of I want this to be fixed which plays so true to young life under fracture. Lisa Roumain couldn't have been any better. A great film.
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