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The Last Prostitute (1991 TV Movie)
a good movie for those winter long winter nights
12 December 2008
I saw the movie on television in the middle of a night and boy did it hit the spot! The movie follows to young men during a summer spent working as stable-boys on a farm. They arrive there looking for a prostitute they could use to learn the ways of sex but find her retired and stay to work, so they do not have to expose their lies about going to camp to their parents. The film shows us the coming-of-age story of of one of the boys and the conflicts between the young men, as-well as the struggle to move on by the former prostitute.The plot is interesting enough and keeps you watching,the acting is good, the camera work is good and the movie looks just beautiful. i give it a 6 out of ten and recommend it to everyone that likes a slow, deep drama in the middle of the night.
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one of the best for them cloudy nights....
10 May 2008
The movie is a perfect treat for all of the smokers among us. i have seen the film 3 times and it just keeps on getting better. it is so true. the whole thing is just ridiculously right... us smokers....this could happen to us and makes it so much more funnier to watch. for nonsmokers, a fabulous wast of time but if you do not mind having to light up to see a movie, this one is for you. the plot, the dudes and the visuals/ soundtrack hit the spot just right. the cast is also just right, both stars fit their characters so well. as for flaws, the scam the boys were getting involved in, should have been explained more, as originally intended. it would have made the movie even more stupid, if the level of idiocy involved in the plan was explained. requires pizza!
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Appleseed (2004)
one of the best anime
28 May 2006
i have seen Appleseed at least 5 times and it only gets better with each viewing. the detail in city planning, mechanics and characters is just great, the action is unbelievably good and the plot is really really good. As a regular movie, it would be one of the best sci-fi i have seen, and i have seen a lot of them. The fact, that its anime makes it match better, allowing creative freedom and making all of the directors visions possible. 10 of 10 ad that is the minimum i could ever give this anime. if you have seen and liked Ghost in the shell then you will just love Appleseed. I have not read the manga and cannot comment on them, but i tell you, the movie is really worth watching.
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Mehed ei nuta (1968 TV Movie)
this IS great
25 December 2004
the movie shows the story of a few men taken to a "sleeping disorders clinic"... they all live their life in such a way, that for some reason they cannot sleep. for their surprise, the sanatorium is nothing more than an old farmhouse on a small island... they are all angered by this and start their escape, witch of course tires them out, so they get some sleep but they don't understand that they are happy and content there and keep whining.....really funny dialogs, great cinematography, great acting

all in all, this is one of my favorite movies and i suggest it to everyone, its quite good EVEN if u don't understand Estonian and don't have subtitles.....iv once seen it mute and it was still OK

8 points out of 10!!
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