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America 3000 (1986)
20 August 2009
This movie is so cheesy that for a very B Grade Post Apocalyptic movie it is actually worth watching. Just grab the pop corn, put the brain in neutral, press play and watch.

You'll have to see past the low budget props, I think they borrowed a lot from the set of Planet of the Apes, and maybe 1,000,000 years BC, and some of the computers are very 1980's, but then Star Trek the original series was supposed to be 22nd century, these computers blow those away.

And women in skimpy costumes made from animal skin always make a movie worth watching for guys. The dialog leaves a lot to be desired, but like I said, just put the brain in neutral and be entertained.
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Pandemic (2007– )
Forrest Gump meets Outbreak.
10 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What can one say, the idea was there, the execution wasn't. This made for television disaster flick lacked intensity. A person with bird flu type symptoms dies on board a plane from Sydney to L.A. The plane, passengers and crew are quarantined, this is all fine. The passengers are moved off the plane to waiting buses, there is little supervision at this point letting a passenger get away. Mistake 1. No government agency would allow such a potentially deadly virus to escape like this. The E.R.C has people with and without bio suits entering and exiting through the same door, Mistake 2. You would enter through one door, change into protective equipment, then enter the quarantine area. you would exit through decontaminating showers and change into new clothes in another area, or you would just spread the infection. The National Guard uses a few wooden barriers to block the road during the quarantine allowing the quarantine to be breached twice. Mistake 3. They would have had armoured vehicles across the road as mobile barricades, every National Guard unit has more than a few. The passenger that escaped walked through the airport, how many people had just got off planes and were catching domestic flights to elsewhere in the U.S? Mistake 4. The virus would have shown up in other cities as containment was breached, just as it did in other cities around the globe. There is a lack of urgency by all those involved, particularly the CDC. How did the head of the CDC, who was taken hostage by the convicted drug smuggler before it was found that Tamiflu was ineffective, know the timing of the drug transport for the drug that was found to be at least partially effective? In such a situation, where was the armed escort? Where is USAMRIID in all this? Would the Federal Government really sit on it's hands and let the locals really stuff this up? Surely there are protocols in place that would have been activated, or are U.S authorities really this stupid? Watch this Movie at your own peril.
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Best Musical Ever
10 December 2007
This has to be one rip roaring ride of a musical. Good tunes, Wandering Star was a huge hit on the charts, great actors, Clint Eastwood and Lee Marivin in the leading roles. Would have loved to see this on stage. Lee Marvin comes across as the typical type of Westerner that shuns anything remotely looking like civilisation, but then can you blame him? Clint Eastwood as the straight laced god fearing settler on his way to new lands and gets an education in life. The lure of gold and the excitement of the rush of 1849, gambling, prostitution, bigamy, the list goes on. No Name City, population male gets a work over with the diversion of a stage full of french whores, a preacher that nobody wants, scheming gold tunnelers, a frozen wagon train containing a young bloke who gets the full Lee Marvin education on life. Funny, memorable and completely enjoyable. I have watched this film again and again, and I know they will never make them like this again.
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300 (2006)
17 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was the biggest load of rubbish put to film. It is historically inaccurate, Leonidas did not start the Persian war, Xerxes invaded Greece because his father was humiliated by the Athenians at the Battle of Marathon. Hence the Olympic long distance race of the same name. Sparta had 2 Kings, not 1, 1 King went to war, the other remained home. The Persians did not land by sea at Thermopylae, but instead came over land, the sea route was blocked by the Athenian Navy under Spartan command. I would like to know where the Uber Immortal came from, and the hunchback? Also, Xerxes had Leonidas' head cut off after he defeated the Spartans and had it put on a pike, thus enraging the rest of the Spartans still at home, who would not go further North than the wall near Corinth.

The original 300 Spartans was a far better production, it actually relied on acting and not computerized imagery, so don't waste time with this load of crap, see the original and avoid disappointment.
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An Abbreviated History
31 October 2004
Although this movie seems to go on forever, it seems to gloss over the important aspects of WHY the war between the States occurred. You may wonder what and Aussie knows about the issues involved, but I have been an interested student of American history from before the Revolution up to World War 2. It does miss out certain actions, after the conclusion of the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, the movie states that General Lee went on to invade the North and fought a battle at Gettysburg, the following movie in the trilogy, but this movie does not mention that this was Lee's second attempt at an invasion of the North. The Battle of Antietam, Maryland, is completely missing, and until the battle of Gettysburg, was the bloodiest battle of the war, followed by Shiloh, and a significant one. Although the Confederates withdrew before they were defeated, it was the first time General Robert E Lee had failed to gain a victory over the opposing Union forces, it also fails to mention how the Union came to stop Lee at Antietam, after all, if this event had not occurred, the Battle of Antietam would have taken place at Camp Hill instead, and may have ended up a Confederate victory and with the Union losing the war. But Gods and Generals, unlike Gettysburg, does try to put a civilian aspect to the war, the wives and children left behind, the patriotism shown on both sides, believing they were absolutely right and that God was on their side and this would be shown in a Union or Confederate victory. There is a small discussion of the issue of slavery by 'Stonewall' Jackson, (Stephen Lang), with his coloured cook, and also by Lt Colonel Joshua L Chamberlain, (Jeff Daniels), with his brother, Sgt Tom Chamberlain, (C Thomas Howell), but mostly, this mammoth subject, one that raged across the entire United States before the secession and across both the United and Confederate states after secession, is missing, mostly it concerns itself with States Rights and how the men of the South were fighting for their rights. But it doesn't mention clearly what those rights were, though at the time of the division of the United States into Union and Confederate, I doubt those who voted for secession could have defined them clearly either.
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