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boring banter
3 September 2019
It's just an ordinary guy making ordinary small talk . i don't get the controversy. It's pretty ordinary stuff guys talk about on a beer night.

Why do so many people feel the urge to rate 10s against activist journalists, whom probably never watched the show

cause they would have rated it zero, not being controversial nor edgy, but for being boring

dude is not even funny. Netflix specials all share this common thread.
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Stranger Things (2016– )
S1=9, S2=7, S3=4
19 July 2019
S1= secret agencies, mysterious experiments, physic powers,the dark subject matter of the abuse of these subjects to exploit such powers, and the thrilling escape from these nefarious machinations.

S2= we get to explore the other world, foreboding air of danger throughout, development and growth of the gang. Similar tone as the 1st season and closes it well.

S1+S2 fits and works together.

S3=budget feels halved, core group split up for nearly the whole season, big CGI monster that looks at home in Resident Evil 2 or The Evil Within 2 video game, contrived setups , poor consistency , cheap guard costumes and lazy jokes.

Even worse thing is that they somehow made the characters flat one-note archetypes, with romances shoehorned in. It's quite sad for what S3 has turned out to be.

Guess it could be summed up as if it was made cause fans wants a new season (naturally since S1 and S2 was good) , and the producers and creators decide to chase the money that comes with that. Rather then working at it until they have something interesting to show, they just went with a hackjob of various 80s cliches.

And of course in analyzing why the drop in quality is so dramatic, we also need need to look at the pressure the suits must be pressing on the showmakers. Imagine an even greater fall in Netflix stocks if S3 was not made in time .....
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Dark (2017– )
Netflix show = deduct 2 points from rating due to fake reviews
19 July 2019
After writing a long review, then thinking better of it and deleting it. I can say it is best summed as such:

a 40 mins recap on Youtube is sufficient to show you everything interesting
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Swamp Thing (2019)
90 minutes B-movie dragged out to 10 eps.
16 June 2019
You get your actors playing doctor, badly.

You get some cheap jump scares, and monsters from Carpenters the Thing but CGI.

You get some generic evil corporate big bad.

You get some stereotypical uncooperative locals

You get rogue scientists whom are the only people in the whole country to discover something earthshattering even though evidence of it is all around. No one cares in this world, even if what they see with their own eyes is inconceivably strange.

But all of that could still work if you have interesting leads that you can root for. This has none. No charisma, no presence, oh so bland.

No wonder it is cancelled as it is not a cheap series to produce.

Lots of diehard fans rating 10/10 for no reason other than a form of protest to the cancellation.
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Ice on Fire (2019)
Nothing on China & rest of BRICs, Nothing on Industrialists
15 June 2019
This is just a simple introduction documentary on Climate Change, focusing entry level science, without ever touching on the underlying human reasons why we are facing it

1. nothing on China, and China's refusal to accept oversight in meeting climate change reduction goals. US has woken up to this, and have consequentially pulled out of the Climate Change accords.

2. nothing on China which is introducing back what is supposed to be banned ozone destroying gas into the atmosphere, thus ceasing the healing of the ozone layer . There is also a dramatic increase of methane gas production in China over the past years despite what the central government has planned against.

3. nothing on billionaire industrialists whom run factories in countries by consideration of how lax their pollution laws are, and neither any revelation on why these industrialists refuse to adopt more environmentally friendly industrial processes and post-manufacturing disposal.

Neither are there interviews of how these ultra-elites ( the ones which owns half of the world's wealth) on how they view their actions on the well-being of the planet.

4. nothing on multi-billion consumer products companies on why they lied about recycling ( re: recycling scandal of coffee cups in Canada , USA where bins are allocated but in actuality, rubbish is dumped without distinction ), on why there is mass over packing of products (re: emerging scandal), waste of resources by excessive corporate travel.

5. zero on how governments in USA, Europe, China, India, will ever encourage their billionaire elites to adopt true green practices (meaning, not just pilot programs meant for PR fluff)

6. and of course no interviews with top-tier politicians on how they can get every invested party to stick to agreed rules. ( if these rules can even be agreed to in the first place. )
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Happy!: Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun (2019)
Season 2, Episode 9
Hackjob to tie up the plots
29 May 2019
An extremely contrived situation was crafted for Medina Senghore , the utimate drag whenever she shows up, to resolve in one nonesensical scene (even in the Happy! universe) one of the central plots that has been building up for two season, thus nullifying all the build up and the repercussions if Sax was not successful in stopping it .

What a hackjob, and the show seem to be on a meltdown. Nothing is grounded anymore. At this point, everything that is happening seems to be some conjured fantasy of an asylum inmate, where things happen 'just, cause'.

Gone is the semblance of any stakes in the series.
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Comedic in it's attempt to be hard boiled and gritty
26 April 2019
The entire robbery is a farce. Tried to be 'realistic' but would never happen in real life. Even CSI is more realistic than this . Totally empty streets too for instance. And it is dragged to 2hours30 minutes with boring , bland shots and empty dialogue.

What a joke.
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The OA (2016–2019)
(S2) Not only No central hook in Season 2, but also a completely tacked on detective story
25 April 2019
Spiritual journey = gone. Exploration = gone. Cheesy illogical C-grade sci-fi = yes

While the First Season was focused, the Second Season has a huge tacked-on and boring story about a videogame puzzle game that gives you massive amount of money for solving a word puzzle . A conceit has been in so many movies since the Internet Boom of the 00s. It's so familiar that it wouldn't be out of place if it was a 00s direct-to-dvd scifi-thriller. No unique twists. No unique pov. Everything in that storyline is made out of conveniences too, not smart detective work.

As for the core story of the OA, gone is the camaraderie and exploration found in Season 1. There is no central hook, no urgency , no stakes. Worst still, you get no idea what Season 2 is about by the end of the 1st Episode (of only 6)

This feels as if this whole Season was made as an afterthought, and to make 6 episodes , the producers decided to add in some leftover story as a personal favor.
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Youtube documentaries are better
17 April 2019
The dozen or so Youtube documentary gets right down to the scandal, while this meanders.

With their access and budget, there is No big shot , hard questions interviews with 1. those that lost money 2. those that are suppose to regulate 3. who is culpable for the next scandal to come about ? ( note that no one gets jail time for all these scandals about bad joint/gyneo/hip implants which has been happening year-in year-out ) 4. why are all the press whom fawned and promoted this company gets away with no censure?

Boring stuff , and a waste of time
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Warrior (2019– )
A highschool production of Once Upon a Time in China
11 April 2019
Completely out of period dialogue and acting. They act like suburban Chinese Canadian wannabe gangbangers then Industrial Age mine workers. The main character have a extremely modern haircut and facial hairstyle to match the anachronistic setup.

And right of the ship ( literally ) , it's a fight between the morally upstanding Chinese main character versus a white cop bully who looked like he's plucked straight out of a adjunct production of Irish drunks.

And you have lousy sets, lousy music, lousy costume design etc etc.
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Circle (II) (2015)
5 mins short film stretched to 90 minutes
10 April 2019
If you watch the trailer, you have watched the movie.

Nothing happens. No smart storytelling, not gripping monologue (re: last episode of the Leftovers is a good example of how to make it work) , nothing .

a complete waste of time. Watching a horror or scifi short on Youtube is 1000x better.
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The Simpsons: Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy (2019)
Season 30, Episode 18
Simpsons trying to go full woke
27 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
After the Gay Granddad episode, this is by far the worse yet in it's very long history.

Seemingly written by man-haters, the episode literally caps with Bart spraying "The Patriarchy is a wiener"

No semblance of honoring character personalities, and without any deftness in subtlety, this is a propaganda piece made by misandrists.

The episode starts of with belittling fans whom hate gender swaps ( it's still gender swapping male with females), then it goes towards belittling man-right organizations when these characters banded together to protest ( there is still a girl's scout but no more boy's scout), then the third act ends with justification of violence by females against males for no other reason then their gender.

Terrible , award-baiting rubbish of an episode.
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Love, Death & Robots: The Witness (2019)
Season 1, Episode 3
Don't be fooled
20 March 2019
It is just real location shots and real actors and actresses with their face swapped and skin re textured with cgi textures.

the fantastic soft works of the silky outfits the protagonists are wearing are in the short is just real -life clothing.

hence why the lighting mimics reality so closely, and why the texture work and wetworks is so realistic.

note that despite what another reviewer is referring to the director saying as being no-mocap, no rotoscope, he's referring to other shorts done by other directors.

(every short has a different director, as well as a different studio. Check on Wiki for more information)
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Enemy (2013)
Good reviews because of name dropping only
11 January 2019
Have the exact same movie filmed, edited , colored , scored , written and acted like this without the big name of Denis Villeneuve ( big as in having alot of industry connections ) and Jake Gyllenhaal, every single critic will call it pretentious crap that not only wastes the viewers time with meaningless lingering shots (70% of the film which you can skip forward without risking anything') , but also symbology so obtuse that that it symbolizes nothing at all. And of course No one would had gone the lengths of making a long article or video trying hard to find the meanings of the film. ( cause there must be a reason why it won so many awards right? ahem, re the header )
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The Simpsons: Mad About the Toy (2019)
Season 30, Episode 11
Forced Gay virtue signalling
8 January 2019
Even the Simpsons has gone woke. And it was a terrible episode If they wanted to make a character gay, they should had made a new one, rather than using Abe, whom is shown in many many other episodes to be STRAIGHT

Seems like Simpsons will soon become nothing more than a a pulpit
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Only downvoted because of mainstream media peer pressure
8 January 2019
Taking it as a rational person who understand that an American movie will have Caucasian ( and now Black cause of SJW virtue signalling) lead, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the casting of Scarlet.

Unlike all the virtue signalling SJW PC mainstream press, I also watch Japanese movies of animes, and as expected for a Japanese production, everyone is Japanese too regardless of whether they are German or other in the anime.

Now on to the movie itself

1. visuals are good 2. characters have more emotions 3. world building is interesting 4. scifi concepts are more rooted in futurism than fantasy 5. cool anti-hero

As for entertainment value: It's close to say , Edge of Tomorrow
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Not exactly a movie but It's definitely an experience.
7 January 2019
It's an anthology and You will not forget what you have seen in this film. Be forewarned that on the scale of extremes in horror, it's pretty much up there ( even for veterans of horror)

And that rating reflects that. (It does not rate the film as a traditional movie, and i don't think it was made to be as such)
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Black '47 (2018)
Utter rubbish , no acting, bland visuals, lack of logic
7 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A strong skip.

Basic plot is that a typically immortal and impervious super soldier deserter has gone back home and upon finding every family and relative dead, goes on a killing spree with no thought nor logic, other than that he can appear , kill and then disappear as a ghost. That includes butchering an entire police station as his first act. So there goes any sort of sympathy for him

Then of course the government sends this super soldier hunter whom just also happens to be his war time buddy, ( as per the most cliche of tropes ), to bring this mass murderer to justice, plus a straight captain , and for some reason an idiotic tag-along of a bleeding heart kid too.

Add in some attempted emotional-manipulation about elites stopping a mob of starving men at the gates of their estates, and to the course as per cliche , the hunter has a change of heart and goes up against the estate / govs instead.

Oh, not to mention a few conveniences where guns don't fire at the right time, and THREE people having a change of heart when they have a obvious and clear change of ending the entire hunt right then.

On the matter of cinematography, close to everything is de-saturated to the point where things comes close to being b&w, and where detail is just blurred over, in order to conjure a sense of hopeless dread. But in reality, it just looks cheap like a bad vhs copy and done to mask the production values.

And surprisingly for something billed as a drama, there is next to no acting involved. Just a few stale lines and quick quips, and that's it. There's such a lack of feeling in the main character that having his last family die off is as impactful as him having a stroll at the garden on a Sunday morning.

With all these tropes and lack of emotional hooks, the last 30 minutes is just a fast skip through for all it's tropes. You already know what will be the ending and what happens to all the main characters without watching it. That is how bad it is.
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Like a discarded home project bonus on a CD album
15 December 2018
Extremely dull, nothing close to being actually musical, and absolutely deprived of character and charisma due to he geniuses confining the scope to 1 day and thus having nothing to work with. Interviews on Youtube holds your attention better than this detritus.
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Peppermint (2018)
You must not have watched any tv cop show in the past 5 years
9 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So we have the big bad killing a cop who was investigating him and placed a badge with a bullet hole in the station. So the natural response would be the whole force plus the FBI going down hard on this criminal enterprise.

but no, All cops are sissies in this movie and tell everyone to back off doing their jobs. Leaving Garner to be the walking-talking police-force.

shootouts , actions and set pieces are of a typical tv cop show quality. Nothing like Sicario or similar to that. This is all but a bad direct-to-stream movie.
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Nightflyers (2018)
Hey, we have a dangerous psyhic psychopath on board but...
8 December 2018
Lets confront it with guns, despite them having the know on all the projection waves and the such, and how he can kill men or at mess their minds up for fun. X-men more than half a century ago knows you need some headgear to go with that....

so that is the caliber of logic and internal consistency that goes with this series.

and some notes:

-one huge dome for a single cell. Wow, space travel sure is excessive in that period... -artificial gravity for the first scene but enertial, centripetal gravity for others -experts are all so young -a pyschic psycopath some the experts treat like a harmless baby -no precautions to moderate the psychic's behavior -speech about how humanity is the virus ( copy and paste from the matrix) -only one person whom can communicate with the ship's flight and diagnostics AI, who needs to jack-in and if pulled out without precaution, would be lost in the system ( copy and paste from the matrix ) -canteen is lit to be gloomy -50% drama which we do not want -SJW non-hetero characters, with a interracial lesbian sex scene. Why even have that scene ? -a captain which don't respect privacy , and is a peeping-tom pervert, and is probably just an AI that has a gone-rogue twist coming -main character has negative charisma, like someone you expect to be deep in drink due to depression -everyone sabotaging and backstabbing everyone else for a supposed civilization-critical first-contact mission, where the crew is supposed to be the best that Earth has to offer -alot of the set looks recycled from another show
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Searching (III) (2018)
Good as a TV movie, with a standard cop-show procedural story-of-the-week
4 December 2018
Faux shock over the twists. Very cheesy but well acted by John Cho, with a feel good ending. A few highly implausible potholes concerning the major twist but if you consider it as a cheap direct to tv movie, it can be laughed off.

If this cost money to watch at the movies, it will have 3 stars.
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Even this have SJW PC virtue signalling
20 November 2018
Above in a violent puppet movie. Ridiculous.

Of course with Melissa McCarthy, this is expected, where she also plays another aggressive,foul-mouthed, incompetent, how-dare-you-comment-on-my-looks/gender but i-will-use-it-for-laughs, character

Just skip all scenes with her, and then the ratings will go up to 6.
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Blindspotting (2018)
Only decent if you are a hermit
9 November 2018
Same old issues ( except unless you have no other access to news and editorials) with no new insight.

Plus some hackneyed attempt of symbolism that is praised by others whom must have forgotten how others did it so much better decades ago.
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Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh (2018 TV Special)
Making song ditties does not make the subject funny
4 November 2018
The form of comedy here is taking a subject that people in general have a beef ridehailing and then making a short song ditty about with nothing insightful. That something differentiates standup comedy from just your funny friend or coworker.

It's bad enough that the laugh from the audience sounds like a forced laugh track on a daytime sitcom.
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