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Excellent Movie!
30 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie! Just saying it out straight! After getting it on Sunday night, I watched it twice in one night and am still not over it.

The graphics have been given a better improvement then Degeneration, but I would like to see an improvement in the lip synching. Other then that, it looked very good.

The plot is good too, I love how it it describes the civil war at the beginning of the movie. I think this was a nice touch and good way to start a movie.

The voice acting was perfect, although, playing RE6 better watching this, wasn't quite a good idea. And to me, it really got me to feel for the characters.

Resident Evil fans, I suggest picking this up more than Degeneration, now that's a good sign.
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Resident Evil 6 (2012 Video Game)
Excellent Installment in the Resident Evil franchise!
4 October 2012
First Resident Evil game I played was Resident Evil 4, but I've played the rest afterward and it's my favourite franchise at the moment.

Resident Evil 6, now released (got it early since I got it from EB Games Australia), is probably one of the best Resident Evil games, this has given the franchise a lift up.

Although, I haven't fully completed it, I've played enough to tell you what my opinions are over this and hopefully this'll help you.

First off, the beginning of the game.

It's a turtorial, so it helps with the controls, which is really useful, 'cause you're going to need it.

Now a really nice thing you can do is, once you reach the main menu you can choose which ever campaign you want to do first.

I'm not going to spoil it for you, but I had my mouth open almost through the whole game, it's very action packed, but there'll also be parts which will make you panic or frighten you. I was basically freaking throughout all of Leon's campaign.

I strongly recommend getting this game, it is one of the best!
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This is a really good Harry Potter Game!
7 July 2012
I have to say, with my experience with Harry Potter games, from playing the first one on PSone to playing the horrible Goblet of Fire on PS2. I got this game after finishing the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is a really good Harry Potter game to play, as you can explore Hogwarts and other places, find secret passages and go on quests. The new way of spell casting is excellent as well...even though sometimes you can accidentally cast the wrong spell with the right-analogue stick. It's a fun game to play and tones of things to do! Duelling is fun to do as well, as learning spells is easy and difficult at the same time. Collecting discovery points is a good system and the awards you get...are alright.

Overall, I'd give this game 8 out of 10, the graphics are alright, could of been a little better with the character design, but the game play is really good. It's a good game and I think picking it up one day is a good idea.
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Good Movie, Could Watch it Over a Thousand Times and Never get Bored
11 June 2012
Okay, so the first time I watched this was about last year (2011), because I wanted to know what it was like, I had played RE4 beforehand, so yeah. I watched it on YouTube, I was like glued to the computer screen watching it, I would gasp every now and then at certain things.

Then, I got the DVD for my birthday (actually I nagged mum tones of times and she gave it to me a month before my birthday). You should have seen my face.

So, of course I watched it again.

I love it! It's my favourite movie. I maybe a fan of Resident Evil and understand what's going on, but the plot was fairly well put out and basic.

I know it's doesn't have a high budget, but they could of at least have did the animations a little better. I've talked to fellow Resident Evil fans and they complain about how robotic Leon seems to be in this one, movements and personality.

Other than that, I loved it and think it went really well. I do suggest people who want to know more about Resident Evil to watch this movie for the plot, don't watch the live-action ones for the story, because it doesn't go along with the story. I give this an eight, I enjoyed every second of this, I even showed my friend it and she enjoyed it too!
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Resident Evil 4 (2005 Video Game)
This is my game of the year, for any year!
13 March 2012
Alright, just letting you know, I would put down 9.5, but it's not there! Anyway, I really love this game! I play it day in and day out! (Except for school days!) I like playing this game over and over again because it's so much fun and the story never get's old. I just love the over-shoulder camera and aiming, I'm not bragging, but I'm very good at aiming in this game. (Probably for the fact I've played it over 20 times!) I love the save music, if you hear that soft music, you know there's going to be a typewriter! And the fact, the music keeps going while there are enemies around and stops either you've killed them all, or moved far enough away from them.

I also love the background! I walk around the levels/places and just look at the scenery, like the candle flickering or the sound of water drops. I just love it and the graphics as well, like the blood, being the right blood-red shade.

The game play is fair too, it's all easy to learn and soon you won't even need to look down at the controller to see which button you have to press next.

Every part of this is fantastic and will leave you wanting to play more, just last weekend when playing it, I got so into the game I played for two chapter within an hour or so.

The only bad thing about this...nothing really. I've played it so many times and I still want to continue on! I like this game so much, I'm heading for like finishing it over 99 times! (Doubt I will though) I finally will give this my vote! I will give this a 9.5/10 and 95% out of 100%.
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