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Tomb Raider (2018)
Avoid this movie if you have an IQ over 50
20 June 2018
Stupid script, moronic premise, idiotic plot, and everyone in the movie seems to have the mental capacity of an 8 y.o. (or younger).

Furthermore, the entire movie looks like it was put together by a bunch of mindless preteens with a huge budget.

Not even worth my time making a detailed review of this movie, as it'll just drag me to their level of idiocy.
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Attraction (2017)
14 May 2017
I'm sure if the movie was listed under the comedy genre, then it would get at least 8 stars from me. Sadly though, the movie took itself way too seriously, and ended up turning into a sad joke.


What plot? The entire plot looked like it was patched up together by a team of high school students and a few wannabe love drama writers. Did they actually forgot that most of the movie watchers in this world are grown-up adults, and not teenagers?


RATING: 0.5/10 (forgive me for being generous)
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My 600-lb Life (2012– )
Good series, but it left me with disturbing questions
4 March 2017
In a nutshell, this TV series tells people that obesity is a hormonal / insulin problem, and if you correct the hormonal / insulin problem by getting a gastric bypass (equivalent of fasting - just without the surgery), then you can reverse your diabetes, and lose hundreds of pounds of weight within a year - or the equivalent of fasting for a year.

I also understand that almost every 600 lbs person featured in this series had traumas/issues which goes way back to their childhood, and that made them crave food for relief to fill the void throughout their upbringing. Therefore they needed the gastric bypass surgery instead of simply performing fasting for their 6 months plus period.

But back to the issue at hand, the thing that I didn't get is why, after the obvious fact that gastric bypass and/or fasting can cure and reverse diabetes type 2, then why did the American Diabetes Association still persistently state that diabetes type 2 is an irreversible/incurable disease, while in fact it's clearly documented over and over again in this series that gastric bypasses (or fasting) clearly cures and actually reverse diabetes permanently for the long run.

Furthermore, the doctor in this series even recommended low carbs diet in order to lower and correct the patients' insulin problem for the long run. However this is the exact opposite of the recommendations by American Diabetes Association to consume more carbs - which worsen the insulin problem, and then recommends type 2 diabetes patients to buy more insulin injections/drugs/etc products, and getting the patients hooked for life by buying more insulin related drugs, knowing that the core of the problem is actually the excess of INSULIN in the first place.

Now how on earth can you cure type 2 diabetes' insulin resistance by injecting / ingesting more insulin, while in fact it's clearly documented in this series over and over, that by actually reducing / correcting our body's insulin level with doing gastric bypass actually reverses the insulin dependence and cures diabetes type 2 for the long run. What is going on here? Is there a huge corruption link here between the ADA and the big pharmas? The government ought to investigate this scandal.
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