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Deadpool 2 (2018)
Deadpool and the cast shines
19 May 2018
Deadpool is back. He is softy now. He has new members who all have personality and are badass enough so the movie still feels like Deadpool 1. I find second one more fun due to the new members. There are multiple cameos from different X Men which are all great. The first half of the movie kind of lags but second half makes up for it where all the jokes land and its action packed.

I give Deadpool 2 8.5 stars. I think this film has repeat watchability due to all the references that we will miss the first time.

Waiting for deadpool 3 now.
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Ant-Man (2015)
Paul Rudd, Micheal Pena make this movie.
13 May 2018
Marvel is great at making the actors own the role of the superheroes. Ant Man is just another example. Micheal Douglas makes a great Hank Pym. While Paul Rudd is perfect Scott Lang. Paul Rudd uses his comedic timing to elevate the scenes which are generally cliched at this point. Film does cover his personal life without it overshadowing the movie experience.

Scott has amazing team to work with. Evangeline Lily as hope is badass. She takes the role of mature hero. It would be amazing to get her as Wasp in next movie.

Scott's buddies are resourceful and fun. But the character that steals the show is Luis played by Micheal Pena. He steals every scene he is part of. It would be fun to watch him paired with other superheroes as well.

The movie stands on its own, without going too much in Avengers. This makes the repeat watching possible.

In MCU, I was blown away by Iron Man in 2008. While next films in MCU have all felt a little flat to me. I did enjoy first Thor movie, again due to the characters that made the film. But after watching this movie again, this is my second favorite solo movie after first Iron Man.

Paul Rudd is my boy. I hope he doesn't get lost in the Avengers clutter.
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Unrealastic movie with wrong message
27 February 2018
This is one of the crazy new wave of Marathi movies with wrong messages all around. The acting is good by everyone although 40 year old actors are behaving like teenagers in the movie which will not happen in realistic story. Just another attempt to cash on youth's naivety. I would like to get my 2 hrs back.
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Coherent story, great actors
26 December 2017
Shame to shame did not try to appease everyone. If you are not looking for mindless comedy, then this movie isn't for you. But if you like Lakshmikant's brand of comedy, this movie is a gem.
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The Flash: Finish Line (2017)
Season 3, Episode 23
Awesome end to a very uneven season
24 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Flash writers delivered again. Just when people think that they have dug themselves in a hole or they have left too much to explain, they come up with small ways to fix it. They found out Savitar is the future Flash, not the future just 3 weeks back but it did a lot in 3 episodes.

While it seemed like Iris's death will overshadow this episode and probably rest of the season, they explained it in 3 mins, made sense of the HR being on the roof top during Iris's death and completely changed HR into a hero. The writers took their time to make us like him, but he did so much in season 3, training Wally and helping Dr. Brand. When Wally said, thank you for believing me, you get choked up a little.

The whole season was about flashpoint but it didn't seem so for first 15 or so episodes. All the problems in this season were created by BA, and he made ultimate sacrifice for it. Hope he doesn't come back in the first episode of season 4, to see the world without Barry as the flash and also his return would be celebrated. Not sure, if Arrow came in the first episode after his death.

Season 7/10. Last episode 10/10.
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New Girl: Five Stars for Beezus (2017)
Season 6, Episode 22
If its last season, great way to end it.
7 April 2017
First of all, I must say that I loved this show as a whole. The characters are too eccentric which I like and the lack of laughter track always feel great. The show never takes itself too seriously which I like. The series finale was very clichéd one seen in all big sitcoms but it felt great to see these misfits feeling happy. New girl lost a lot of audience during season 3,4 and has not got the popularity of season 1. It picked up again since season 5 and finally have let all the characters grow. Nick is my favorite character since season 1 and he grew a lot in season 7. With this season finale, I think there is not much ground left to cover so I would be content if this is the last season. Although, I don't mind getting another season of the whole cast.
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A magnificent conclusion to the trilogy
25 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
X men last stand was finale of the x men trilogy, the first one before the convoluted time lines and never ending X men series. Don't go just on the bad reviews which appear because some fans don't like the story told and create negative environment towards it.

I loved this movie. This was finale of X men so it did have bigger stage than first two. The government has found a cure for the mutants. Some mutants want to get the cure, some don't want it and some like Magneto sees this as government declaring war on mutants similar to first 2 movies but with immediate consequence. The main plot is very good.

Then there is dark phoenix saga, which is changed from comics but it works. The phoenix is real Jean while the Jean we see in first 2 movies is artificial creation of Professor X. She does kill Xavier in second act, which is very big plot as Xavier is guide of all X men.

The characters like Scott and Storm are out of place but the movie does add great characters like the beast and angel. Also the evolution of characters like Pyro, Iceman and rogue is great. The stand out acting is again by Magneto, Professor X, Mystique and Wolverine.

The movie has great main plots with some unnecessary plots like death of Cyclops. The action is much better than first 2 movies and it gave decisive finale to X men series which current "CINEMATIC UNIVERSE" lacks. If you are fan of first 2 movies, this is a much needed finale.
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Green Lantern (2011)
Feels like animated green lantern movie.
14 February 2017
Green Lantern 2011 was an Origin story of most popular lantern, Hal Jordan. The movie delved into origin of Hal which was good but not necessarily great. But it was necessary to make the point the movie wanted to make, by letting Hal learn to overcome his fear so in big picture, the time needed to set the character was well spent. Aside from that, the visuals were good but not best of the time. Although most of the visually superior seen took place in far galaxy so it was so both amazing experience to see different galaxys, aliens but at the same time a bit underwhelming because of lack of good effects the later movie like Guardians of the Galaxy was able to make. The villain was not the best portrayed parallax but it's a comic book movie and most of the movies that came afterwards had similar problem and were unaffected.

Actor Ryan Reynolds did perfect Hal Jordan. He was funny, careless and human in expressing. Rest of the cast did good job. Story was good for the origin movie. I think they did try to make a few bold experiments by making parallax as the villain and making suit complete CGI which I think worked for the movie. If not for the harsh reviews the movie got, it would have been start of new universe. As for me, I was happy to see first live action movie not based on Superman or Batman.
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Mahabharat (1988–1990)
Very honest to original Epic + Best TV series I have ever seen.
7 December 2013
I have seen many series in my small life, some Indian but mostly foreign. And I must say none of them can compare to BR Chopra's Mahabharata.

I have grown up watching this series as a kid but the memory faded in time. Since then I have read many versions of this epic and been mesmerized by the complexity of each character. And I thought can someone do justice to each of the character.

And I was surprised when year's later I laid my eyes on this gem. The Mahabharata story is epic in itself. But BR Chopra has done justice to every character. Especially, Krishna, Bhishma and Duryodhana seems just like I imagined.

We have 100 episodes of 40 minutes long. But the series doesn't appear to be dragged out at any point compared to other Indian imitations of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The story from the books remains intact without getting extra spices added or omission of any important detail.

Lastly, I was surprised to see epic final battle without use of special effects. I imagine Indian film industry was not well equipped at that time and to create this masterpiece in that era was astonishing work. Hats off to all the cast and crew.

I always thought that Mahabharata deserves very good direction. It will exceed LOTR and GoT movies if done properly. And thanks to BR Chopra, now I don't have to wait for anything. Its already done. 25 years ago. :)
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Skyfall (2012)
Are they trying to kill the franchise ?
30 April 2013
A little late to the party.

Let me first point out, I consider Daniel Craig as best bond. I was going in this film with great anticipation.

What we got was exact opposite. The main problem with this movie was script was very weak. The intentions of Silva were clear from the get go. But still we were fooled to believe something more is there. Silva looked more like a comic villain. Nothing more than enhancement factor for bond.

The technical area sucks bull. They didn't have much gadgets in the film. But the technical discussion could have been handled properly.

I like the ending fight sequence. That was old school Bond style fight with great special effects. Though it was much needed because during rest of the film Bond never looked his former self.

The ending made no sense at all. I was hoping that this ending would come sooner. Frankly the whole movie was filled with loop holes.

This movie won't get counted in top half of bond franchise.
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