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Stingers (1998–2004)
Great, but I miss the Australian animals...
27 February 2004
I watch this show occasionally and I must say, I'm surprised that this show is actually Australian. Not that there's anything wrong with Australian films or actors, but nobody can say Australia is known for it's movies and TV-shows. This show is at least as good as, if not better than, any US or British show. Not only when we are talking about the skill of the actors, the diverse characters, and the professional feeling of it all, but also the plot itself. It's not only good but believable. One thing I miss in the show though is the Australian nature! Where's all the kangaroos and koalas? Perhaps the producers wish to display Australia as not only a zoo, but that it also has large cities like any other country. OK, I guess, but just one outback scene here and there wouldn't hurt. Still a very good show though.
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