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Gini and the rest....
2 December 2019
The first thing which made me happy was surely seeing that Ginnifer had a role in this episode. This was actually a small movie in its own rights and that kind which moves you and makes you cry! Very heartfelt, intriguing, difficult, worth watching for all its worth!
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Dolly Parton's Heartstrings: Cracker Jack (2019)
Season 1, Episode 4
2 December 2019
I think that Sara Shahi excelled in this one! She is a great artist, actress, but I think that she.... well its not enough to say that she shoyld be nominated Oscar or Globe for tj s exact role! The whole episode is fantastic in its own right, the whole cast is wow, but Shahi...she surely had a taxing role and she gave the whole of herself to it!
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26 November 2019
So.... I v never laughed thismuch in my life, I think, but folks, your reviews made me do it B-) Good, bad, blah blah..... If you are here to reviewsomething which was created as a piece of art and a statement to society, at least make your reviews worthwhile! Talk about art and about societal issues addressed..... Dont just spit upon something or give empty appraisals....

So I am not here to praise or flag the movie, I ll thank to those who made it ....We all enjoy something ornot which does depend upon our personal references...

But there is one thing it seems escaped to the audience... Or maybe not many or any of you have watched something this movie was clearly based upon.... To me this movie or the couple actually is the very rip off of the same couple from Sailor Moon manga/anime, Michiru and Haruka, they so look like the characters, and the story of the movie takes after some ofthe fanfiction written about the coupleI used to read back at the time, so I just might add this might be a stolen idea behind the movie....

But many new movies and shows recently made, really do look like the story lines and characters were taken from the fanfiction sites, so this movie doing the same didnt surprise me at all...

I just think its not nice at all taking other peoples ideas....And if I m wrong, than, sorry, my bad!
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May contain spoilers!
16 January 2015
So I already warned you about my review could bee containing spoiler of some type. Therefore be aware!

I know every artist should enjoy the artistic freedom, but am sorry I couldn't enjoy this movie ... First of all the movie is too long. Those two hours of nothing happening made me sleepy. It is more of a documentary type of a film than some real film genre. The characters are nothing like the original Wuthering heights characters and it is such a shame that Hitcliff was turned into love sick boy turned into a necrophiliac. The story is just some dark version of Romeo and Juliet. I haven't seen a picture that could resemble Wuthering Heights.

Honestly speaking I am not able to recommend this movie to anyone. Maybe I may be accused of not understanding artistic freedom and such, but the movie did not fulfill my expectations.
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The violence and abuse in the family, the problem many of us tackle throughout the life.
2 May 2014
Truly amazing! Short but powerful! Though Renee didn't exactly show everything, at least I guess she didn't , regarding the abuse the father empowered over children, it is all crystal clear and comprehensible !

I would just like to give a great applause, to bow in front of the masterpiece cause the composition is in overall truly magnificent!

True piece of art and Renee deserves every compliment as a producer !

Also as an actor Renee outdid herself here! I must admit I always expect only the best from her, sometimes I do get disappointed , I simply have to be honest, but this is probably something Renee has her feet steady on. 10 out of 10 for her acting in this as well.
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