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Its not a lift up of just like heaven
16 April 2011
Vismayathumbath is not a lift up of just like heaven. Just like heaven was released in the year 2005 and 'vismayathumbath' released in the early months of 2004. Both may be adopted from the same novel 'If only it were true' written by 'Marc Levy', that is why we can see the similarity . Fazil done it well , and actors like Mohanlal and Nayanthara made their roles memorable.Watch this movie for an amazing experience.When comparing with just like heaven , i will give a 10/10 for just like heaven for the excellent script for the same base.The 'malayalam' version of the novel fails in providing a script which is strong enough to make the audience to sit in the seats, some times it is loosing its grip.Camera works were superb and background score was apt for the movie. totally director made a courageous venture to make a movie in this genre
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