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My Fake Fiancé (2009 TV Movie)
Predictably Wonderful!!! Definitely Worth Watching!!!
6 November 2010
Before watching "My Fake Fiancé",I expected it to be an usual Romantic Comedy flick.But this one really surprised me.I mean for a TV movie it really was different and refreshing.

Even though the plot is funny and predictable,the acting and great chemistry between the leads Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence made the difference.I watch it repeatedly and it never bores me but makes me excited every time.

But this flick is underrated and it deserves more.I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves romantic comedies.It is definitely worth watching.

My Rating: 9/10
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Love in Magic (2005)
One of my favorite Korean RomCom!!! Highly Recommended!!!
6 November 2010
Romantic comedies are evergreen in my opinion. This concept of "fun meets love meets fun" being used decades after decades still it doesn't get boring for me.They have dominated the Asian movies especially Korean.

"Love in Magic" maybe just another romantic comedy but the plot,some good acting and the great chemistry between the leads impressed me for the most part.

Although I wonder why this movie is not so famous as many other Korean movies.It is really a good movie to watch.I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a craze for RomComs.I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

My Rating:9/10
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