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Blackway (2015)
Better than many blockbusters. The plot is very good 9 *
28 June 2017
I don't get the bad's a good plot, survival of the fittest. I think it's a film worth seeing just because of the plot. It felt like something real that actually happens. Sometimes you can't count on the authorities to help you because they just don't care and this film portraits that.

It's not the best film of your life but it's better than a lot of films nowadays. At least I didn't fall asleep like I did on Avengers or was it Captain America? Maybe it was Spider man or Iron man, not sure they all look the same. (PS: I never payed for these films, always got free tickets).
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A beautiful upgrade
30 March 2017
I went to this film expecting it not to be very good since Hollywood tends to spoil everything nowadays. However, IT'S AWESOME! I watched it on IMAX and I was amazed with what I saw, it's just gorgeous.

The film pays a tribute the the original GITS and brings new things to the table. Scarlett and Pilou are great... Even the way Major walks is identical, everything is great. I can't talk bad about this one cause there's no reason for it.

The only thing I didn't like was one or two dialog scenes where they dumb it down a little. I don't understand who are these super extremely smart people that decide that viewers are dumb. Apart from that....

I think it was great, I highly recommend IMAX for this one (this coming from someone finds IMAX a waste of money).

Forget the bad reviews, haters gonna hate.
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Westworld (2016– )
9 stars? Seriously? People = Sheep = Robots
12 January 2017
Well, after being visually tortured online by this show I decided to try it, so I watched the original film and then 3 episodes of the show. All I have to say is that a lot of people nowadays are sheep that have to go along with the trend, why, I don't know, maybe they're robots and follow a script...

There are good things like some actors (how on earth do you have A list actors and then some actors that are not well directed, how is it possible?), the soundtrack, costumes, make up, cinematography and vfx. However, if the story isn't good you don't have a show.

What's happening here is a common case of money generated hypeness, (like drinking Starbucks or owning an iPhone). If everybody's doing it I have to do it otherwise I will not be accepted. -.-'

Do yourselves a favor and stop giving money to these production companies, they don't invest it on script writers, or people for that matter! They invest on advertisement so that you can feel bad about yourselves. You are now robots programmed by a huge entertainment machine, unplug now.

What's wrong with people today? Bunch of sheep with no opinions.
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Grandma (2015)
The bad reviews made me write this one
26 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly....some of the things I've read are really odd and I can't find much logic in it. Anyway, I found this film very good, Lily Tomlin was amazing, her character had just the right amount of sarcasm. The story is good, the subject might sound common however I don't hear about it very often in films. There's a review that said "I find the idea of a comedy about abortion to be offensive." Disregard this, the film doesn't joke about the issue, I don't get this statement, maybe the person who did it watched the film while working or facebooking or whatever.

Julia Garner was OK, could be better but she's very young I think she can become a very good actress.

To sum it all up, in my opinion this is a very good film, I recommend it.
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Love (II) (2015)
A good analysis film
11 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't quite made up my mind about this film. I don't think I've enjoyed it, however I believe it's a great film to analyse.

You can definitely feel it's a Noé film, the cuts, the speed, the colors, the characters, the extra 15 min that weren't really necessary, etc..

Love - in my opinion it's a good title because I felt the couple was in love, and that this film was about love and represents a real couple, like in Blue Valentine.

Sex scenes - I kind of understand it, you don't often see real couples making love in films, you just see actors compelled to look hot as hell so that everyone else that's watching feels bad about their bodies and a sexual desires. Despite all of this I think there are too many explicit scenes which add nothing to the story.

Murphy - I'm not a big fan of analogies, mainly the ones that are forced just because. That said, I didn't get the analogy in the beginning, in my point of view, it has no logic. The same goes for Electra. - I felt Murphy was really in love, what I didn't get was, in the midst of almost 2h of love, why does he keep cheating. If you love someone, which he apparently does, you don't have room for some random girl, to whom you speak at a party for 5 min, that agrees with your ideas, exactly the ones your girlfriend doesn't. I didn't feel this so I don't understand his need for cheating.

Voice over - I see a lot of people complaining about this, well I liked the emotion and reality it expressed, mainly when his at home with the mother of his child.

There was a little annoying thing, I started feeling that this was sort of a biography of Noé, it had to many obvious details about him like it was an Ode to Noé...didn't get.

Once again, I think it's a good film to analyse and think about if you have the time and interest.
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Suicide Squad (2016)
Hollywood please....just stop it
4 August 2016
Yesterday I went to a sort of premier of this film and I found it so bad that I had to share the experience and ask viewers to stop feeding this blockbuster industry, just stop it. All the movies that have come out are just awful. There is no story! But still people pay to watch it, why? If you stop giving money to these people, maybe they'll start hiring new decent writers, directors, producers, editors, production designers, etc.

This film had potential, it's a film that could have been great, but it was not because the production companies don't understand that the "big shots" don't know how to make decent films. I bet the shooting of blockbusters is similar to the shooting soap operas, the actor gets there and the director says "now pretend you're sad and say the line". There is no acting.

I feel bad for the actors because this is the type of film that can ruin a career.

Dear Hollywood, you know why everybody loves Deadpool? Because it was made by "nobodies" that actually understand cinema, "nobodies" that probably get along with the average person and understand him/her.

PS: how did someone let a film with 1 Oscar winner and 2 Oscar nominees/should have been winners be so bad?
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Camarate (2001)
One of the best Portuguese films I've seen
11 February 2016
I've kind of given up on Portuguese films, they're very boring, the acting is horrible and you don't understand the story. The only good thing is the cinematography, it never misses the target.

Camarate is different, I consider it a good film. It's based on a true story, the weird death of Francisco de Sá Carneiro, the Portuguese Prime Minister at the time. Until today it's a mystery whether or not it was an accident.

The actors are very good, very believable, something that is quite remarkable for a Portuguese film. I was astonished by Maria João Luís, the main character, I've only seen her before on soap operas and it was really bad. This film made me believe that it's not the actors fault but the directors, because she is actually a really good actress.

The cinematography is also good. Overall it's an interesting and well directed film. I recommend it.
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