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Documentaty of Die Gentlemen bitten zur Kasse
15 June 2016
Very fine German TV documentary told around the actual train-robbery that was filmed 50 years ago as a TV series (a production of the Nord Deutscher Rundfunk)of 3 episodes called "Die Gentlemen bitten zur Kasse" about the greatest train-robbery ever (happened august, 8th 1963). The lute was about € 50,000 in modern currency.

I still the old series regard perhaps as the best thriller ever: I at least saw the 3 hours on DVD's 20 times.

It again retells the same story (in 2:42 hrs) using the old TV-series from 0plus newsreels plus interviews with some of the 'gentlemen' or their wives or children. More backgrounds are explained and the true names are used. The police files had been secret for 50 years and could not be re-opened before 2013.

The comments that are added are useful for a better understanding of what has happened.

I'm happy I could record it from the German Broadcasting company.
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top thriller based on true facts
17 October 2013
The first time I saw it on TV was on German TV in 1966, and after having seen it several times, I was lucky to buy the series of 3 episodes on DVD.

The documentary style in which it is presented makes clear that this great trainrobbery really has happened and one can hardly believe that there is any fiction in it. The actual facts were frontpage news; not only in the UK, but in many countries.

The acting crew - with some of the finest German actors - did a fabulous job.

It still keeps on fascinating me; the 3 episodes ... I mostly want to see them all in one evening. Probably every year I'll watch it over and over again.
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