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Absolutely awful!
27 August 2017
Steven Seagal made some semi-cool action movies in the late 80's and early 90's, but this is one is about as bad as it gets.

Sure, you can watch this if you want a good laugh. But if you like Seagal you'd be better off watching "Nico" or "Under Siege" once more instead of this garbage.

Seagal is in fact the best actor in this thing, and that says a lot. Just listen to the two, soon to be dead, guys in the opening scene, and you'll understand how bad the actors are in "Contract To Kill". In addition to that the special effects are laughable (watch the plane explosion), the dialogue awful (f**k this, f**k that) and the editing is poorly done.

Fast forward to Seagal's fighting scenes. They are still pretty fun to watch.
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Loft (I) (2008)
Dark thriller with lots of twists
5 December 2013
Some of my favorite films are "The Game", "Seven" and "Fight Club". Dark mystery films with a lot of twist. "The Loft" follows the same pattern and does so successfully.

The themes of the film are friendship, love and cheating in a twisted plot that repeatedly keeps the spectators on their toes. Don't read the summary of the film at IMDb as it gives away a bit too much. Actually, you should never read the summary of a film 'cause they always give away too much.

Even though I don't understand the language in the film the actors manage to convince me and entertain me. The female lead character, Veerle Baetens, is especially enchanting. I first got a glimpse of her in another great film called "The Broken Circle Breakdown", where she was equally electrifying. Matthias Schoenaerts is perfect as a simple brute, a role which he has to some extent repeated in other films like "Bullhead" and "Rust and Bone".

"The Loft" is shot beautifully with lots of different lenses, crane cameras and lighted in a way that underlines the tension and the feelings of the actors.

I had a good time watching this one and I believe you will too.
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Now You See Me (I) (2013)
Spectacular yet incredibly silly
3 October 2013
This one is more for a young audience since the tricks are so over the top it all becomes extremely silly. Yet a beautiful work of art, but as a film it falls short.

Maybe superstitious people tend to like this film more than I do. To me the film could have been great if it had been at least somewhat believable. Now it's almost laughable and the great effects cannot hide that the film is a stinker.

Nothing new is presented and the film follows the well known pattern with some surprises to spice things up.

I had high hopes but as extremely disappointed. Too bad.
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That Metal Show (2008– )
Great show for metal heads!
8 February 2013
If you're into hard rock and heavy metal - this is the show for you. Two comedians and a hard rock nerd host this show and are joined by great rock and roll guests, e.g. Axl Rose, Ace Frehley, Lemmy, Slash, Lars Ulrich and the late Ronnie James Dio.

The show has evolved during the years and has been a masterpiece since about season seven.

That Metal Show (aka TMS) is like Dave Letterman but with funnier hosts and better guests.

People in the USA can watch for free on VH1's site, it's available for download here and there(...) for the rest of us, Check it out!
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Surprisingly good
3 February 2013
Lion King II is darker and scarier but lacks the humor and music from the first film.

Everybody knows the first film but this one is a bit under the radar. I don't know why since it works well and follows the same pattern as the first one. Good versus Evil with strong sidekicks and villains. I especially like the weird offspring of the evil Scar.

The film contains all the ingredients of a likable Disney film - humor (less than in the first, though), good vs evil and a love story.

All in all, it's a good sequel and should get more attention that it has been receiving. 7/10. If your kids liked the first one they will surely enjoy this one as well.
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