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Some Girls (2012–2014)
Stop comparing a guy's story to a girl's. This is not the inbetweeners, but it is "some girls"
16 December 2013
Im glad I could be the first review.

Some Girls is a girl centric show focusing on four best friends with different walks of life. Unlike American shows that speak to a generation of wealthy white people, this speaks to a REAL generation of young people.

Instead of hiding behind white privilege, Some Girls embraces diversity, in a way no American show ever could.

Not only is this the most interesting show about teenage girls most people haven't seen in ages, it allows a quartet of young women to be as funny, if not, MORE comedic than their male counterparts.

They have attitudes, dirty mouths, have sex, drink, and don't allow to be kicked out of the boys club. If anything, they've made their own club. The "Some Girls" club. And Im glad Im apart of it.

One thing that really surprises me, is that it's centered on Viva. As a dark skinned Black girl, there is not enough of this on television. The show is told through her narration, and she's the perfect leading lady. Fans of Awkward Black Girl can rejoice. Somewhere, someone has answered our prayers.

It's not only just diverse based on race, but on lifestyles, religion, size, and class. Not all white people are rich. Sometimes they're middle or even lower class*gasp*.

I beg anyone without a region free DVD player, get one, or find this show online, or ITUNES. It deserves to be watched. There is finally a show that doesn't ignore that the world is a diverse one.
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while it's kind of gross sometimes,it does entertain
21 March 2013
Let me start out by saying i am not a horror film fan. I've watched the classics but some how given up on a lot of modern day scary films,as they rely too little on plot and more on nudity,gore, violence and the latter.

Now by saying that, I've watched all three Feast films. I was skeptical,as the reviews had me expecting very little from the films. Let me say,they're not as bad as people give them credit for. A lot of it is gross,and some of the situations are tacky,but i believe the creators of this film are giving the audience the intelligence to know that it's meant to be gross,tacky and out of good taste. With that being said, the movie was quite entertaining. I liked the new characters added to this one,as it follows directly after the second film.

The movie's distasteful points I'm ashamed to admit i found a lot of humor in. I learned that comedy does not need to be intelligent or witty or even crafty to find it funny. If you're expecting Schindler's List or even The Ring, you're definitely not going to get it here. But if you're expecting entertainment packed in a horror-comedy film about disgusting monsters eating humans and killing everything in sight,you will not be too disappointed.

Movies are supposed to entertain,and i think sometimes we get caught up in what's considered a "Good" movie, that we forget that if bad ones didn't exist,we would have little to distinguish the two.

But overall,i'd give it a 7,i would've given it more had they given the new characters more screen time ;p
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