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Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (2006 Video Game)
DOAEX2 = a fun time at the beach.
1 July 2007
This is my first post. I really liked this game it's a big improvement from the first game, better graphics, physics(if you know what I mean) and mini games. The first game was the first out of the park the sequel is more polished and more detailed. This game isn't supposed to be a heavy game. It's meant to be a fun diversion from the other violent games that are out there. A virtual vacation with some hot babes. These types of games are very popular in Asia, especially in Japan. The violent "western" games aren't. Entertainment in the west especially the U.S. involves lots of bloodshed, sadistic violence and other acts of unrelenting cruelty. That type of "entertainment" doesn't sell well in Asia and Japan. It's a different culture. It's refreshing to see games like this out there since most games in the U.S. involve killing someone or something. I personally don't like violent games that much anymore and I'm glad to see a game like this out on the market. So in all I would recommend this game to anyone who can buy it. It's fun, light and really gorgeous.
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