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Port of Hell (1954)
This movie is so bad that it is great!
16 March 2003
This movie is my favorite bad movie. It is based on the premise that Russia would select the port of San Pedro California as a key target to attack with an Atomic bomb hidden aboard a tanker. The captain, a spy, uses a pay phone within hearing distance of the port warden who over hears the plan to leave a falsely quarantined freighter in the harbor with an Atom bomb timed to explode. The port warden has to find a tug to pull the tanker out to sea. Evidently he doesn't have access to one only being the port warden. The only one he can think of belongs to a rival, the brother of his girl friend. He takes a taxi (they show this) to her home where where walks up to the house, confronts her brother, they brawl, but he obtains access to the tug. Then to man the helm he needs someone. He selects the office manager who is crippled and in a wheel chair. He has to be helped aboard the tug. Predictably, the they pull the tanker out to sea, the bomb does explode, and it's labeled a mystery in the newspaper. This terrible flick doesn't seem to appear on TV any more. It's a shame since it is so bad it is great to watch!
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