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Robin Hood (2006–2009)
16 October 2006
This is great Saturday evening entertainment, witty and whimsical - Robin Hood as superhero. Maybe it's not the best drama the Beeb has ever produced, but compared to the dross that passes for entertainment these days it doesn't do too bad at all. It's certainly a worthy successor to Dr Who. When you've got a pretty girl, cute boys and great scenery, who cares about camera angles and such? just enjoy the ride.

It's lighthearted and FUN - with more than a nod to the greatest of all Robin's: Errol Flynn. More swashbuckling please Jason, you're doing great. I particularly like your dress sense - those lace-up-at-the-back 'trousers', a style you picked up in the Holy Lands, no doubt. Must come in useful for something, I suppose?
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