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Coffee shop writers annoy me
9 February 2020
After a long opening exchange between Affleck & his daughter, obviously written by a nubile film student hopped up on 40 ounces of black gold at the local coffee shop, the movie finally begins. So the action begins, no wait, Affleck continues to ramble on. I'm hoping someone takes him out early. I had the same feeling in the movie SCREAM. My wish came true in that one, Barrymore was knocked out quickly. We are not so lucky in this one...If you are looking for a movie to watch at 11pm to put you to sleep quickly, pick this one
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She's a failed BITER....
9 January 2020
Definiton of a BITER: A comedian that takes bits & pieces from another comedians act and forms their own comedic routine. NOT ORIGINAL. She is a FAILED BITER because of her inability to make the stolen pieces fit smoothly together. The whole act is forced. Sadly, there are other unique comedians in the country that do not get a fair chance in the business because they are not a lesbian nor are they jewish. Check this out: I would rather entertain myself watching old Captain Kangaroo reruns on mute & then create my own dialogue. Much better than listening to this basket case rant on like the Comic Strip KATHY on Adderall.
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Maniac (2018)
This is terrible, I mean boringly dismal, just plain bad acting throughout
23 September 2018
Jonah Hill & Emma Stone (Superbad Alumni) must play different roles in this TV Series. Their acting skills are not up to snuff to play different characters. They usually play themselves in their roles. Emma Stone is really bad in this one. She needs to spend a good two years on Broadway in several non-musical roles to perhaps improve her acting skills. Jonah Hill is weak sauce & could probably use living on the streets of Detroit for a year to toughen him up a little.

The writing is fair at best & the directing is lame. The set is, well, obviously a Hollywood set. It does not have that REAL feel to it.

If you need to get to sleep, play this one. If you want to be entertained, try Ozark, Catastrophe, or American Vandal.
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Mudbound (2017)
This FIlm is engrossing, endearing, enveloping, and enthralling...
15 September 2017
I WikiFLix Sneakpeaked this one. The acting is superb. The Cinematography is crisp, gritty and very believable. It is refreshing to have a movie entertain you WITHOUT over the top action & coffee shop contrived dialogue. The story line unfolds in a way that keeps you captivated with nostalgia and wonder of what will happen next. This will definitely be nominated for an Oscar. It could be the first Best Picture win for Netflix! Garrett Hedlund & Dee Rees will have a great chance of winning awards as well. I would like to go into further detail about the movie but will refrain from spoiling anything. All I can say is that this 20th Century drama captures the normal events in the Deep South to perfection. You are going to want to have food & drink near you couch to avoid having to hit the pause button...
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The Interview (II) (2014)
One star. I could not figure out how to leave 0 stars.
6 February 2015
I really was not expecting much from the least funny members of the "Jewish Frat Pack." I waited as the entire movie flashed before my eyes to laugh out loud once? To chuckle repetitively? I think it made me smirk twice.

Super Bad was a great movie but some of the same slapstick is used in this film and is "been done, laughed that."

The ruler of Korea was not upset that the film made him look like an idiot, Kim Jong-Un is ticked because he did not laugh at all watching this.

The reason this film went straight to Netflix was because it was terrible. Seth Rogen needs to move to a directing role or perhaps look outside the Jewish Community and find real writers who write solid scripts.
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Broken City (2013)
The kick is up and it's wide left! No points!
17 January 2013
Every character in this Ho Hummer is evil, a liar, or full of important information. I never get the vibe of believing any of these characters are real like I did in the movie The Departed.

I can tell you the storyline but then again, do I really want to waste my time? Watch one of the hundreds of cop/detective shows on TV and you've seen this one before.

The script is simultaneously too complicated and clearly defined, and none of it is really that interesting or unique.

Wahlberg always seems sort of startled and one step behind and his acting seems like acting. Crowe is crude behind his lame attempt at a NY accent (Casting Directors can't find acting talent in New York City for these roles? Aussie go home!)Zeta-Jones, although being married to Michael Douglas, is again underused as a supporting actress.

Every actor/actress in this movie has made and will make better movies.

I give 5 stars for the money and effort to make this a good one. Sorry, just can't give 5 stars out for free! Again I say, Put your money in purchasing script, producer, director and casting director and as little as possible on overpaid and overrated actors!
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Lincoln (2012)
Daniel Day Lewis wins the election for an Oscar!
5 November 2012
Daniel Day Lewis wins the election for an Oscar! D Day Lewis shows us all once again, how hard work and preparation mixed with raw talent can master any given character. The movie focuses on the 13th Amendment and the role Abraham Lincoln played in its creation. Sally Field is solid as his wife and Tommy Lee Jones performs his theatrical duties to perfection.

Spielberg shows Lincoln & our political system work in a legal and intimate fashion while maintaining the reality of the period. A well selected supporting cast certifies that audience members will appreciate the movie in its entirety.

For those movie-goers who loved Snakes on a Plane, Anaconda 3 and Rambo V, please do not see this movie. You will not like it nor will your Gum Chewing, Bad Make-Up wearing date...
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The Watch (I) (2012)
Sorry, Seth Rogen, You and your Troupe come out flat...
1 August 2012
Seriously. I love you guys! Jonah Hill rocked in Super Bad. Vince is classic in Wedding Crashers and Swingers. Ben Stiller is stellar in Starsky & Hutch and Something about Mary. Seth Rogen, I've seen better writing on a Transylvanian Monks bathroom wall.

It's the same old Shtick. Vince using his standard Zoey Deschanel quirkiness and sarcasm. Ben is same old Ben (with gray hairs). Jonah is completely flat delivering some lines that I guess were supposed to be funny. I laughed once during the entire movie and chuckled only twice thereafter. 3 Stars for 3 laugh/chuckles.

Message to these guys: Quit inbreeding talent and use different actors and actresses who can offer a different comedic twist. I know there are starving performers out there who are as funny at more than half the price of these guys. Seth, you need a new scene. Move to England for a few years and write for new talent. What you have now is completely stale!

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Greenberg (2010)
Ben Stiller may have the Oscar for this one!
31 August 2010
Finally, the painted blue boy, Ben Stiller, stars in a well produced/created/written (Jennifer Jason Leigh) production where the humor is not over done and the story is well crafted and true to life.

Without spoiling the movie, I will just say that it is one worth seeing. Ben will certainly be up for an Oscar for this one. If they closed the balloting today, he would win.

I have total respect for the eye of Jennifer J Leigh. The cinematography is crisp and tip top, giving you the feeling that you are actually in the movie with these well crafted characters.

I hope everyone who reads this will see this movie because I know that you will not be disappointed.

Again Ben and Jennifer should win some awards for this one. Perhaps Will Ferrell and Tina Fey will break from the lame mainstream Hollywood movie machine...
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The Crazies (2010)
Crazy if you buy a ticket!
26 February 2010
Terrible. If IMDb would let me just post one word I would have stopped at "TERRIBLE" and not wasted my time writing any further.

The movie is based on an original screenplay done in Germany in 1973.

There are too many ridiculous "saved at the last second" scenes. The character development was below average at best. The acting of the two main characters was good but the movie was awful. What a waste of film.

The director of Texas Chainsaw should have got a hold of this one.

I felt like I was watching a B zombie movie with a larger budget. WARNING: Do not see this movie. WARNING: Do not see this movie.

Why? It is lame. The best part of the movie is the end.

1 star each to the leading characters and that's it.
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Shutter in the Aisle
19 February 2010
Let me start by saying Martin Score has made some great movies in the 20th century. It is now the 21st century and i think the old dog should just fund movies and let youth take control of all aspects of film making.

I hate the "1 liners" in this movie along with the overdone musical scores. sometimes silence and raw sound are better than an artificial orchestra.

I'm a Leonardo fan but his weak Boston accent made his character lame, like a boy trying to play a man. Mark Wahlberg would have been the obvious choice here. Ben Kingsley earns 3 stars to save this movie from zero. He's always solid.

This movie could have been excellent with a 21st century approach. I was waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger to have a cameo and give some stupid one liner.

Sorry, this movie is weak.
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The Wolfman (2010)
Woof Man! Sorry, not good.
13 February 2010
This movie has its fair share of lows and minimal action packed highs.

Let's talk about the good things first. There are several well-crafted scenes which scare you. The special effects and gore are believable and effective. OK, that's about it.

The other 90% of the movie contains drab, run-of-the-mill acting. Benicio and Hopkins seem as if they're reading the script at times and without inflection or true meaning. (This will bore you, keep you uninterested and may even put you to sleep).

The Elfking from the movie Lord of the Rings, presents the only solid bit of acting. (They'll probably keep him for Wolfman II).

This movie fails to address how, why and when Werewolves acquired the gift of invisibility.

For Valentines day, if you want your girl to grab a hold of you, take her to see this movie. If your looking to see a good movie, watch the movie Crazy Heart, which is much much better!
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Daybreakers (2009)
Daybreakers is a decent movie
18 January 2010
I knew this was a vampire movie. I wasn't expecting much. After a few stereotypical vampire traits and features are revealed (-1 star) the movie explores the fine details of what mankind would be like if vampires populated the earth.

I like the plot and characters. William Dafoe used to many nonhumorous one-liners that I thought were used in the early 90's as Arnold Schwarzenegger exhausted the supply and the demand for them. (-1 Star for one-liners).

The action is plentiful but some of the carnage and blood, which in this movie is precious, is too messy. If blood was scarce they would not have let it splash all over the place like a bunch of mindless zombies. (-1 Star for unreal bloodletting).

The acting is solid and I was entertained despite the -3 stars. I would not rush into theatres to see it, but it is definitely worth renting and viewing on a 46+ inch screen...
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Nine (2009)
They won't let me give this movie a ZERO!
30 December 2009
Where do I start? What should I rip on? Who should I say was the worst? What were they thinking? It is almost the year 2010. The "Musical" is best left in NY both on and off Broadway where it belongs. Yes, Moulin Rouge was a success and Chicago perhaps, but enough is enough. Please trim the fat in movie production and allow modern day movie makers to show their wonderful creations on the screen.

Kidman was out of her element in Rouge but pulled it off due to the crack-paced cinematography. In this movie, Kidman is exposed and fails miserably.

Day Lewis is way out of his as well. Maybe in his 20's and 30's he could have managed but not now. He stinks! Hudson is a B Actress in this one.

Penelope Cruz can hang her head high for a strong performance with limited resources including a terrible script and musical scores.

This is a horror film. Everything is terrible. Anyone who gave this movie more than 6 stars must work the company. The main purpose of the IMDb review to to WARN people to see a bad movie or TELL people to see a great movie. I'm WARNING all of you, listen! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! If this were a game of Bad Santa, this is the gift you don't want to get stuck with! It could be a comedy or a horror movie, you decide. LOL!
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Precious (II) (2009)
Excellent movie!
20 November 2009
Today I saw Twilight and Precious. Precious was worth keeping and Twilight should be headed for the dumpster quickly.

Precious is a well crafted movie from top to bottom, left to right, and up from down. I take my hat off to all involved in this production. The movie captures a young girls rough life in urban America.

Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe before the movie was not an actress and after playing the role of Precious is now an actress! Mary, her mother in the movie played by Mo'Nique, should be up for an Oscar for a strong performance.

Look out Halle Berry, Paula Patton is on the screen. She may from now on strongly compete for your jobs. Solid actress and smoking hot. Even Mariah Carey does an excellent job in the movie as Precious' case worker.

This is definitely a movie too see. I don't recommend those over 65 years old to watch it. You may be offended by the graphic description and detail of this girls life.
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New Moon, I give you a Full Moon!
15 November 2009
I don't know if it was because it was overly exciting to get a true Sneak Peek at the New Moon before everyone else but the thrill disappeared when the movie started (just like drinking beer is no longer exciting after turning 21).

Bring an alarm clock with you. When the movie starts, set it for 40 minutes so that when you fall sleep it will wake you up. Bella and Edward "Moo goo goo-goo" and other boring banter in the beginning. It gets slightly entertaining after that.

Alice is the only one who brightens the screen not just because of how cute she is, but because her acting is good.

New Moon offers what Twilight fans expect: It is written for teenagers especially teen girls and they will love this movie. The costumes, makeup and artistry in the film are excellent but cater to the teens as well.

Most upsetting is that these Vampires would have had their butts whooped by any of the True Bloods or Bram Stoker's vamp. Even the Lost Boys make the NewMooners look like Lost Girls. Wolf Boy was kind of tough but the Vamps in this movie are really weak!

The Volturi are introduced in the New Moon movie. Jane being played by Dakota Fanning, who will most likely use this paycheck to pay for further acting lessons.

Of course, Stephenie Meyer wrote the 1st three books very well so I'm giving 5 stars for that (it's very difficult to mess this movie up with such good writing). I give 1 star for the make up and costumes. I give 0 stars for the Lifetime Channel dialogue between the teenage characters especially Kristen Stewart who is not acting but is just herself being overly dramatic at times.

Of course, most everyone reading this is going to see the movie anyway but I at least state now "You're not going to miss much!" Read the book instead if you have not already.

The next installment, Twilight Eclipse, will most likely have Teen Vampires from The Gap fighting Abercrombie & Fitch's Vamps!
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Absolutely Terrible!
5 November 2009
I'll gnash my teeth into the writer and director if I see them! I give two stars for the visuals. The rest is empty, void, and dreary.

I took my two children to see this and we had high hopes. The writer for this movie had pretty much a blank slate to work with, seeing how the book only has ten lines. To make it into a movie you would need to create an exciting, unique storyline.

This plot is so ridiculous and lame it gave me a headache. My children lost interest after 20 minutes.

Do not see this movie. Watch something else! I would recommend never seeing this movie. There is no feeling in it. It is dead like the landscape.
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Go see it. It's pretty good.
23 October 2009
This movie is really good from the beginning until about 30 minutes left. The good vs evil is hard to figure out. I still don't understand why the great animosity between the two villains? The freak show is really entertaining. Comparing this movie to the Harry Potter series is stretching it. This movie does not have the depth of plot nor the characters to do it.

Towards the end I just wanted it to be over because the good vs evil banter was getting old. I like the slight hint of humor throughout. They could improve the imminent sequel with less Hero/Villain mêlée.

Would have had 10 stars with a stronger finish, but it made it to 8.
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Couples Defeat
22 October 2009
This is not a comedy. This is not a drama. This is a dramatic tragedy! Jon Favreau needs to move up a level and start producing movies using the scripts of the next generation of comedic writers who are just waiting to get their material on the big screen.

Vince Vaughn could still act in these new movies, but he would have to learn a new Shtick and drop his predictable, no longer funny, Wedding Crasher type character.

The movie itself has bursts of humor but are minimal when sitting through this debacle. The movie is set up to be funny but the characters just don't work well together and the comedy falls with it.

All you teenagers out there, take your date to this one, your partner won't mind doing other things during this mess.

Sorry Favreau, I have a script you can use if you would like to see it.

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I fell asleep twice during the 1st twenty minutes....
20 October 2009
Sorry. This movie stinks. Reading many of the previous reviews I thought this would really be a great movie. They must have been written by the people involved in the making of this movie. I like the Blair Witch feel to the movie but this movie never delivered.

Some weak holes in the plot has you thinking of many different ways to get out of the situation. The "B" list Dr. weakens the story further.

Please do not see this movie. Do not rent this movie. If someone gives you this movie for Christmas, don't open it, don't re-gift it, return it for a full refund.

Do you smell anything? I do. THIS MOVIE STINKS!
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Citizen Abides
16 October 2009
A solid movie. It was not predictable. The actors were great in their roles except for a sub-par Leslie Bibb (TV actress with waning looks). After the first five minutes I thought I made my assumptions of what was going to happen but I was totally wrong.

Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx work perfect against each other. There are a few lulls in the movie towards the end but overall it was a real good movie.

Perhaps the message of this movie can somehow persuade real change in our legal practices. It is worth seeing. The way the film is shot and the sound effects make this an intense movie.
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Surrogates (2009)
A surrogate made this movie as well.....
25 September 2009
This movie had the potential to be a really fantastic production. However, the details in this world of the future are too cut and dry. The action scenes were OK at best. The suspense was OK as well. Bruce Willis does his best to make this a good movie. I hope someone can see the comments I make about movies that have narrow misses, last second heroics, and near impossible luck in avoiding death: MESSAGE - Quit doing it. It makes the movie unbelievable.

There was a lot more that could have been done with the script but I guess "It is what it is." It's hard, after admiring the movie "District 9," to appreciate current sci-fi movies. I compare Surrogates to District 9 and there is no comparison. District 9 is still in theatres. See it before you see this.
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Please keep the Aliens in the Attic!
26 August 2009
My kids gave this movie 5 stars because it entertained them. I gave this movie 0 stars because 5 stars is more than enough. The only entertainment was the remote control human. Everything else was weak acting by weak actors written by a weak writer and produced by a weak director.

Rent this one. I would not see it at the bargain cinema either. One surprise is that Ashley Tisdale has a banging body. Oops, did I say that? I guess I'm a dirty old daddy.

In conclusion, young kids will like it everyone else will not. I guess the sequel will be Aliens in the Basement.
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Funny People (2009)
Funny Jewish People
16 August 2009
Yadda, yadda, yadda...If the makers of this one would have went outside the Jewish community to find better comedic talent, it would have earned at least 8 stars.

I like the structure of the film and the way it is set but the players seem to be rehearsing and most are not funny at all. I think casting these individuals based on their religion is racist. I need Chris Rock to bust in this one with the Cable Guy and Dana Carvey and make it more diverse which would appeal to a wider audience.

Yadda, yadda, yadda... Be an equal opportunity comedic employer next time.
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The Goods might sell some but then not others...
14 August 2009
Can someone get Jeremy Piven a back brace? Anything I see this guy in, Entourage included, he always has to carry the show. The supporting cast is OK but could have done better with the great comic lines they were given. Kathryn Hahn supports Piven the best.

The first 30 minutes are funny but then the movie sort of fizzles out with predictability. Will Farrell needs to reinvent his Shtick because he did not get one chuckle out of me.

If you or someone you're with want to see a comedy, I guess this might be the only one to choose from right now. It will be worth a rent or an HBO view, but to go to the theater to see it, save your $9.

Piven needs to have a larger role in selecting his cast mates for future projects. He obviously didn't select these.
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