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I had to be really really bored to sit through this whole thing
21 September 2009
This movie was full of horrible acting even by the few prominent actors that were in it. I expected that a movie called steppin would have more steppin in it. All this movie did was showcase a bunch of bad writing, a bunch of actors with dead eyes, and very little not so great steppin. The insertion of well known actors was ridiculous and were obviously just stuck in to get people to come see it, but the writing was so bad that even the good actors were bad. Maybe if the director listed wasn't dead while filming it might have turned out better. I think that it was a good idea, just not well thought out. If you are really bored and there is nothing else around to watch then and only then would I recommend this movie.
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The Great Space Coaster (1981–1986)
I'm not crazy
23 June 2006
I am so happy you all commented on the great space coaster. I have been trying to remember the name of that show for years and when I say No gnews is good gnews with Gary gnu nobody remembers it. So thank you for letting me know I wasn't crazy. I wish so much that my kids could see this show I don't know why it isn't in syndication on TV land or something. I wonder if there is anything we can do to get it back on TV or if there is anywhere that sells a video of it. I mostly remember Gary and the flying purple people eater song and a guy with curly hair. I remember having a crush on him. Anyway thank you again for bringing back good memories of my childhood.
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