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Typical Walt Disney
22 September 2010
Atta Girl Kelly is a sweet series from the "Master" of the T.V. series. It was originally seen as a three parter on the Wonderful World of Disney. Now on DVD it has become a wonderful movie for any family and any family member. Don't be afraid to let the kids enjoy this one. It has heart, warmth and Kelly can make us both laugh and cry. This is what Walt Disney did best. Take a theme like the training of guide dogs for the blind and make it into a heartwarming story that would please about anyone. Just don't plan on staying dry eyed as Kelly faces the obstacles of learning to be what she was "born for." Beau Bridges who builds his role through all three parts of the series proves why he has been a mainstay in Hollywood for as long as he has. I love him in this show and I actually love this show. Maybe because I remember it from childhood but more likely because it's just that good!
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