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It's NOT a sequel
10 September 2003
When The Two Towers was released last year, I was incensed to read respectable film critics refer to it as a sequel. Now I read that Howard Shore's soundtrack was refused consideration for an Academy Award, because it was "A sequel". I re-iterate, The Two Towers is NOT a sequel. Rocky 2 was, Jaws 2 also. These were films intended for a one off showing but because of their success, sequels quickly followed. This is not the case with LOTR. Tolkien's epic was so big that it required 3 books to tell. Peter Jackson realised too much would be sacrificed if he condensed the 3 books into one film. so he made his story approx 10 hours long, divided into 3 parts, not sequels. And despite what a lot of other contributors have said about TTT, i must add that they must have been watching something else, as it is a staggering achievement in cinema. Roll on The Return of the King
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7 April 2003
It is hard to comprehend how a film showing the horrors of war, could be so beautiful and poetic. it pays great respect to both sides in the struggle for Guadalcanal. we don't see the Japanese right until the Americans are upon them. at first we image them as a thing of hate, but when we see how they react to their situation, we realise that they are no different from the GI's. It was so beautifully crafted, acted and filmed, with a stunning soundtrack (The Melanesian music was superb,and the musical highlight was Faure's Requiem-in Paradisium,during the opening sequence)and although i like SPR, this made me really realise the horrors of war even more,as we delved into the main characters, and there were many of them. A must see, 10/10
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Barbara (1995–2003)
12 March 2003
They say that when you use upper case in emails, it signifies that you are shouting. Well regarding the British TV "comedy" series Barbara, starring Gwen Taylor & Sam Kelly I have to shout it, RUBBISH. This is easily the biggest load of tripe ever to be passed off as comedy, I thought "So Haunt Me" was bad, but this takes the biscuit. British comedy has gone steadily downhill in the last few years, mainly because they don't tackle anything new, and are prepared to lose themselves wrapped up in a middle class chintzy world of Dado rails, Garden sheds, and "More Tea Vicar?" The only good comedies recently, have been the comedy/dramas like Cold Feet and in particular "Teachers" which was buried on C4, and was superb. On the other hand the script writers and producers of "Barbara" clearly think that the best way to make us laugh is to insert canned laughter after practically every sentence,as if to signify to the viewer "OK laugh now". No No we are getting more mature that that now and we expect a comedy to make us think and laugh at the same time.
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Up 'n' Under (1998)
Bottom of the league
24 February 2003
Could have been called "Brassed Off with Muck". the underlying theme is so similar to Brassed Off,but it does not even come close to the conscience of that film. The only highlight is Samantha Janus's ample bottom in the shower scene with Neil Morrissey.
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i thought it was a comic---was i wrong!
30 December 2002
Twenty years ago my 12 year old son raved to the family about LOTR, and spoke incessantly of Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf, Middle Earth Etc. To me it sounded like a serialised comic strip, and i paid no heed to it. 19 years later i was given The Fellowship in DVD, and sat down to watch. Three hours later i was totally hooked, and i still haven't read the book. I was counting the days until the release of TTT. it was way above my expectations. From the incredibly cinematography, and endearing cast, to the cgi of Gollum (amazing), it was one of the greatest cinematic experiences of all time 10/10
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Panic Room (2002)
high pulse tension
27 December 2002
what struck me first was the excellent use of camera angles, and movement. the mood was also set very well with the almost monochrome colour of the sets. (great house) but it was the high pulse tension that i enjoyed, it rarely let up from the moment Jodie Foster & her daughter made the dash for the Panic Room. one small detail that puzzled me. Burnham (Forrest Whitaker)seemed the most calm and intelligent of the burglars, if so, why did he have his name emblazoned on his clothes?
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