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Millennium Man (1999 TV Movie)
18 July 2005
There were made-for-TV movies that ended up being pretty decent TV shows, with adequate runs for those series. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. The Invisible Man.

I could only assume what kind of series these guys planned to make out of this. What kind of weekly bad guy they would make. But even this TV movie is riddled with problems. Story aside, one would be surprised the show was even made.

While the style the photographers used was an interesting experiment, it had been viewed -- as evidenced by the other comments here -- as sloppy and inconsistent. The choice of digital video in 1999 is a bold choice, but the weak editing destroys any type of 'vision' this movie may have had.

The big glaring mistake the producers made was the decision to use the same actor for both the hero and villain. Granted, the two characters share only a short amount of time on screen, but it's still impossible to distinguish between the two. They look identical, act too similarly. Maybe slight differences, but chances are only an acting coach can spot them. And, okay, granted their eye colours are different. But is that enough to distinguish the two, when usually the characters aren't made up in their Terminator 2 head styles?
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Great on action!
24 May 2000
I love John Woo. Let me begin by saying that.

That being said, this is a terrific John Woo film. All that you'd expect in a John Woo action film is in this, complete with far-out gunfights, random spinning actors, amazing stunts, and a bit of hand-to-hand combat unmatched by other film directors.

And even though I *loved* this movie to death both times I saw it, I didn't think it was a Mission: Impossible movie. Whereas the original was like the TV series, this is an action film in the style of -- yeah, guess who.

After my initial distress at not getting something like the previous movie passed, I learned to like this. A lot. Just don't go to the theater expecting M:I. Expect John woo making an action film.

A nice touch was what my brother and I called "The Love Story" of the film, involving of course Tom Cruise and Thadie Newton.

And the addition of the doves (if you haven't seen movie yet, you'll see what I mean) seriously reminded me of Face/Off, another great movie directed by -- yeah, guess who.

Yeah. That's about it from me. But just remember I just got home from seeing the movie a second time today when I wrote this, so my opinions/review may be skewed.
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Ugh, except for the action
15 May 2000
My brother rented, and forced me to watch this movie, "Rogue Force," on video this week. New title for video, I guess, eh?

Anyway, A promising opening, but that was about it. Okay, I lied. A promising opening, midly exciting firefights, and Robert Patrick in a cop suit again (remembering Terminator 2) made it mildly enjoyable.

But the story wasn't there, the scriptwriting far behind the story, and -- okay, when I'm not a film editor and I can tell bad editing, I think that says something for a film.

On a good note, they used true SWAT team tactics and weaponry. And -- if not dramatically exciting (whatever that means) -- the action sequences were quite realistic.
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After 10+ years, I Still Like the Movie
8 November 1999
I'm gonna begin by saying out loud that this was a movie made in the 80's based on a kid's TV show, and made *for* kids. All this movie does is expand the continuity of Transformers, creating some little new plot device called the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, killing off the older or less popular characters [such as Windcharger, Prowl *sniff* and the vans], and introducing some new, sleeker models [Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, Magnus, Springer, et al].

Being an adult fan of the Transformers line [not a huge fan, for I own *none* of the toys anymore -- let that be a mark against me], I can watch this movie and objectively pick it apart.

We have a simple plot; it cane be stated in two sentences, each containing only one secondary clause. Simple enough for the children to grasp. A killer soundtrack that children would love. (Oh, my gripe is that half the time the music crossfades did not work at all.)

Animation *immensely* better than the TV series (both before AND after).

Such great voices as Spock, that guy from the Breakfast Club, and Mr. Citizen Kane himself.

All in all, a great movie for fans. A good movie for youngsters of today's age, even though I am liking the newer Transformers series' depth as compared to the simple 80's-style storytelling.

But for someone picking this up at the movie store because there isn't much else to rent, it's only slightly below par. They could have benefitted by making this movie something more for all ages. (But hey, they didn't know then that the success of the Transformers line would have continued as it has up until today!)

Dare Dare to believe you can survive The power is there at your command Dare Dare to keep all your dreams alive It's time to take a chance You can win if you dare
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Here's my little movie summary
16 October 1999
I figure since no one's written on this yet, let me be the first. And this is from a fan, not a film critic, so hey. Well, it's Ranma, and for those of you who love Ranma, you must think this movie's like the toast of the town whatever phrases y'all use]. But, looking at it objectively, it's a horrid story. I am of the unfortunate few who don't understand Japanese and have to wait for english dubbed releases of movies, but when you get right down to it, this movie wasn't a great piece of writing. The beginning opens with I think just about every Ranma TV-show character ever made, but then they all vanish so you can get to the real story, which is your standard, "Girl gets kidnapped, it's up to Guy/Girl to rescue her!" It contains a few choice moments (prince Kirin eating meat!) but other than that, it's a pretty lame movie.

But to fans it's great!

I voted it a 4 because the second Ranma movie is better by leaps. [Not bounds, just leaps]
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simply put: good show
2 October 1999
I remember seeing pictures, and thinking, "eww." Quite literally, "eww." But watching everything in action was a sight. I loved the show's animation style. It somehow reminds me of traditional cel-style, and after watching two episodes (sadly I missed the first) and reading the official site FAQ concerning the transformations and the concepts for the show, I think it will make a fine addition to the Transformers series.
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Excellent movie
11 June 1999
Okay. I saw the Thursday evening opener and they apparently cut the scene with Number 2 in bed with himself...????

Anyway, very good movie! I loved it all the way through. While I think it was not as good as the original, it certainly was funnier.

Heather Graham... WOW, couldn't ask for a better female lead. And the best recurring gag was the ... can I say this? ... johnson-shaped rocket Dr. Evil used to transport himself to his moon-base.

Oh, and Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson (ha ha!) were nice additions there!
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Idle Hands (1999)
A Movie That Could Have Been Better
11 May 1999
Deciding not to read the other reviews, I may merely be regurgi--um... saying stuff all over again.

But this was not a terribly great movie. Expecting a funny movie that really pokes fun at the horror genre, but instead getting a horrid movie that pokes more fun at the characters with bad jokes, etc.

Generally, the performances were almost there, but not quite (although i still found Seth Green entertaining). Devon Sawa was damn good, considering this is the first thing I've seen him in.

The initial idea was good: boy's hand becomes possessed, he kills people. But it went downhill from there. Really.

The funniest points in this movie, albeit one of four funny points, was the manner in which the hand was finally destroyed, and the spectacle as it was destroyed.

There are better things to spend your money on if you want an entertaining evening. Otherwise, this is a good movie to spend $8.00 on to just talk while it plays. Um... yeah...
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