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A beautiful experience, close to Pain and Glory, and completely different from what you expect from this director, with a shocking twist at the end.
bijanilyaie9 December 2019
A few days ago and after months of waiting impatiently, finally I was able to watch Suddenly A Tree, written and directed by Safi Yazdanian on big screen even before it gets screening in Iran at the Cyrus Film Festival within the Toronto Film Festival Cinemas. Honestly, I'm very picky about Iranian movies, but I liked the new style the director had created in What's The Time In Your World, which won some critics awards for. Suddenly A Tree is a completely different movie with a different style, and in my opinion far better than What The Time! I was mesmerized for more than 90 minutes, transferred to another world... the world inside the mind of Farhad. At first it amy seem complicated but soon you figure out that Farhad is telling his story and all the scattered pieces of his life, and everything in his mind without any time frame, while understanding this fact, makes the film much anticipated and much understandable! This film really deserve at least 7, while I gave it an 8. A beautiful and enjoyably trip into the mind of the director.. and I saw a lot of talent and creativeness.. I said too much... But I haven't said enough... R.E.M
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edhart085 December 2019
I saw this film last night at the Opening of the Persian Film festival in Sydney. The cinema at Norton Street had the air conditioning SO FREEZING it was impossible to sit through this very tedious movie. Hard to follow and SO BORING. Don't bother
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