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I hope it doesn't suck as last year's....
justin-fencsak10 February 2019
Unlike the Oscars, the Grammys targets a younger audience raised on music and streaming and adds in musical performances along with the usual social and political commentary which can irk off a viewer.
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Why does everything have to be a big statement?
thm9911 February 2019
This show started off on the wrong foot when all the divas came out on stage at the start to preach at us. Shut up and sing
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Not a mess like some other music awards shows, but still pretty bad
Horst_In_Translation12 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Here we got "The 61st Annual Grammy Awards" and the title describes it very well as here we have the most recent edition of the biggest night in music from America. Director was once again Louis J. Horvitz and the event ran for a massive 3 hours almost. It started pretty solid to be honest as I like the Havana song, but you could say it all went fairly quickly south afterwards. The winners were not good. Sure you cannot say anythign negative really about Willie Nelson and Chris Cornell, may he rest in peace and I have no connection with Kacey Musgraves or her music really to say anything positive or negative here, but her rambling to herself when she stood up to accept the final award was gently-speaking awkward. But the more often I hear Shallow, the more shallow it becomes, so kinda sucks to see it and Gaga going so big this night, even if the worst, namely the Best Song Oscar is still ahead. And seeing her reception there could become as painful as her receptions here. Or her performance, which honestly was so fake and staged that it was tough to stomach at all. Apart from that, not a big fan of Childish Gambino either, or lets say not of "This is America", which is not halg as accurate, meaningful or deep as it may seem to the untrained eye, but I am not surprised the very liberal Grammy Awards fell for it. After all, they randomly invited Michelle Obama early on and people already drooled about her before the stage began. I wonder what the reaction would have been with Melania there at the scene. That could have been fun. But yeah luckily Obama was gone as quickly as she appeared after a ridiculous amount of applause. I think people forget she has ero connection to the music industry. Then again, there were also some American Football players there announcing awards. No idea why. I mean I'm glad the Pats won again, but this is not the American Sports Awards. Another low comes from host Alicia Keys. No idea what went on with her. First of all her outfits were horrible. Second of all, she seemed to be mentally somewhere up there on her very own cloud being sisters with everybody and rambling about pretentious stuff involving how she loves everybody. Oh well always thought her music was kidna overrated, but admittedly her singing is not as bad as her hosting. Everything about her seemed fake and staged. Diana Ross received some kind of Lifetime Achievement Award, which may not be entirely undeserving, but no idea why her grandson announced her. That kid was annoying, so very fittingly it got standing ovations for his haircut. And if her 75th anniversary was such a special occasion, then why was nobody talking about Madonna turning 60? Even if this is an awards show, there were several performance here, many actually and I still think it is better to keep it shorter than 3 hours and focus on the awards, maybe have all the best song nominees perform like at the Oscars, but that is enough. Still there were some better performances in here than the last years and other music awards shows.. Red Hot Chili Peppers are fun as always and it seems Kiedis is turning visually into Freddie Mercury now. The duos were good too, well except the Dolly Parton tribute, that one was embarrassing. Killing Me Softly will always be a classic, even if Keys gets her lips on it. Natural Woman as an Aretha Franklin tribute was fine too. Yeah that's pretty much all the positive I can say. Oh yeah, Miley Cyrus is getting pretty hot again in her mid-20s now luckily with long hair and a bit away from the wild punk image. Maybe Katy Perry will soon do the same hopefully and forget the short blonde hair. Overall, a fairly weak awards show with not too many deserving winners. Go skip the watch here.
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As Always, An Atrocity To Celebrating The Art Of Music
Gresh85412 February 2019
Would give this zero stars, but the extra star is for the fact that St. Vincent at least got a Grammy and the recognition she finally deserves. Other than that...
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Papa wasn't a rolling stone
bjpafa25 July 2019
Last year's was better, people are taking the show to far, it feels artificial. I believe all the culture is under PTSD and C&. But probably most are somewhat truthful... BTS have arrived well... maybe they're a real team. Political family, it's all about the other, nubilous ambiance. Not real. My mommy sacrificed more than your daddy, pathetic. Not the best night ever. Keep it in mind. Impeccable style, void content... Congrats, you're standing were you you can make a difference. Really? I would like to believe... actually.
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