"MacGyver" Father + Bride + Betrayal (TV Episode 2019) Poster

(TV Series)


Lucas Till: Angus MacGyver


  • Angus MacGyver : [referring to two unconscious men who tried to kidnap Alonzo]  Do you recognize these men?

    Alonzo : No.

    Jack Dalton : Hey. Hey! This is no time to be withholding information, Alonzo!

    Alonzo : I'm not! My only child and everyone I love is in that ballroom! If I knew anything about these men, I would tell you!

    Wilt Bozer : Well, clearly they know you, and that you'd be here tonight.

    Riley Davis : [having taken a photo of the men with her phone, she runs them through facial recognition]  I got an ID on our pool posse. They come from a terrorist group called Chronos.

    Jack Dalton : That name ring any bells there, Lonny?

    Alonzo : Chronos? Small-time.

    Angus MacGyver : Well, they just upped their game, big time.

    Wilt Bozer : Any idea why they'd be after you?

    Alonzo : We had a deal in the works a few months ago. They purchased hardware- a lot. But the shipment was seized by customs. They blamed me and they wanted their money back.

    Jack Dalton : And I take it you didn't get around to giving them their refund?

    Alonzo : Of course not. That's not how I operate. The buyer assumes all risk. I'm always clear on that.

    Wilt Bozer : Well, obviously, they didn't like the fine print.

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