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Season 1

19 Jul. 2018
Let's Go! Rangers!
The Line Rangers just finished a fierce battle. Glorious but tired members Moon, James and Cony recall the moment with Sally. But somehow their memories about her don't add up. Moving on, Rangers mobilize to defeat the great universal villain Paimon and save Sally. Can our Universal heroes bring peace to the universe? The adventure of the Line Ranger's journey is about to begin.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Defeat Mephisto!
Downtown, the Rangers are fighting with the enemy. Victory is so close against Button Mons, Romi, and the Bunny King the rangers can almost smell it, Suddenly Mephisto appears and knock our heroes down. What will happen to the Line Rangers?
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Rescue Sally!
The Rangers are losing the battle against Mephisto. They defeat the henchmen with the help of Dr. Leonard. The Rangers enter enemy lines with Moon's wits and enter into battle against Mephisto. Mephisto clones himself to confuse the Rangers, but James helps them find the real Mephisto and they are able to rescue Sally.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, to the Yellow Planet!
The Rangers' spaceship peacefully navigates through the vast universe. The Rangers and Sally are each doing their own thing while Dr. Leonard lost in memories. When the burning Yellow Planet is seen from afar, Sally stops playing her game and speeds up the spaceship by herself. After some motion sickness, the Rangers look for Sally.ion to stop him.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Protect the Yellow Stone!
The Rangers encounter Paimon at the Yellow Palace. They are amazed at Paimon's powers. Right when Paimon is about to get his hands on the Yellow Stone, they stop Paimon by attacking him with a blizzard with Dr. Leonard's help. Sally disarms the shield on the Yellow Stone by chance and Paimon grabs it. So the Rangers, Dr. Leonard, and Jessica get transported to another dimension to stop him.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Upgrade!
The Rangers have grown even more powerful through evolution upgrades at an incredible risk. Before taking off, the Rangers discover through a video on the Yellow Stone at the theater that the powers of the entire universe are sealed inside the Yellow Stone and that Sally has the key to peace across the universe. If Paimon gets his hands on the Yellow Stone, that means the end of peace.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Find the Treasure! Chapter 1
The Rangers battle against the Nut Clan. The Rangers run into Bommm-Bi, R.O-515, and Aaron, but all of them strangely self-destruct even before the Rangers can lift a finger. The Rangers wind up finding treasure in a moment of bewilderment.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Find the Treasure! Chapter 2
Dr. Leonard acquires treasure from the super cute Lia, while the Rangers comes across treasure from the scary-looking skeleton, Baal.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Find the Treasure! Chapter 3
The Rangers arrive at an abandoned school. They hear the sound of a girl's cry and James follows the sound as if in a trance. The crying girl is named Eva. She starts following James around because he looks just like the guy she has a crush on. At the end of the pursuit, James gets covered in kisses by Eva. The Rangers are able to get their hands on Eva's treasure.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Time to Save the Day Again! Let's Go Again, Rangers!
The Rangers learn about the treasures from Jessica and a treasure expert. The treasure expert faints after giving an impassioned explanation of the treasures. The Rangers go through training with Tutangki. They finish their preparations for finding the Yellow Stone.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers, Seek Paimon!
After infiltrating Paimon's Planet on their quest to defeat Paimon, the Line Rangers are navigating the planet. The Rangers are defeating the clone monsters with their upgraded skills. Suddenly Paimon appears with bloodshot eyes from his search for Sally. And he is attacking everything with his infinite lasers and creating complete chaos on the planet.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers Vs. Paimon! Chapter 1
Paimon's Planet. Paimon is immersed in breaking the seal over the Yellow Stone in a hideout made of mineral crystals. Sally could not care less as she is absorbed in a game on her phone. The Rangers have entered in secret in order to rescue Sally. As soon as they take Sally outside of the cave through a diversion tactic, Paimon blocks them in a fit of range and the Rangers fall into trouble.
19 Jul. 2018
Rangers Vs. Paimon! Chapter 2
The Rangers and Paimon simultaneously rush toward the Yellow Stone that is unleashing massive power. Paimon takes the Yellow Stone first. However, his success is short-lived. Paimon's Planet suddenly enters a state of zero gravity because of Sally's fury. A moment of desperation when the entire universe is at risk. Can the Rangers save the world and help Sally return to her original form?

 Season 1 

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