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Season 7

Area 51
"No go - area", a super secret test area of the US Air Force, a hiding place of aliens: all this, spiced with thousands of rumors and legends, is the AREA 51. A paradise, a "dreamland" for UFO hunters and ET believers. In fact, the Pentagon founded the so-called "Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range" in 1954 along Groom Salt Lake, in the heart of Nevada, probably the most secret military object in the world. Such legendary spy planes as the "Blackbird" or the stealth bombers invisible to radar come from the test laboratories of the strictly guarded desert area. Until 1994...
Geister im Paradies
Eight hundred kilometres off the south-east coast of the African continent, a patch of earth "floats" in the Indian Ocean, which is still one of the most mysterious regions of our planet today. Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, has been trapped by ghosts for almost 1500 years, paralyzed as if under a "voodoo magic". The spirits hide themselves behind "Fady", a word with multi-layered meaning. It denotes a taboo, a ban. Any contact with Fady brings bad luck, often even death, the locals say. In former times the French occupiers and their cannons were ...
Die Insel der Haie
No living creature spreads so much fear and terror, no animal has such a bad reputation. Cold blooded robber, killer and man-eater, in short: the shark. Marine biologists are now in the process of fathoming the mystery of this great unknown of the seas. They replaced horror myths that were ready for filming with astonishing insights into a perfect successful model of evolution that went into series production around 400 million years ago. Gary Adkinson, a renowned shark researcher, lives and works on the small archipelago of the "Abaco Islands" northwest of the ...

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