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Airport Scene
joshmas2 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers

When the friends were playing hockey in the O'Hare Airport, Chicago, it was June 15th, 2011. After the game was over, John went over to pick up the puck (stuffed animal). He looked in the gift shop and remembered another time he had been in an airport gift shop. They cut to a scene of John in the gift shop buying wine. This was 2001...9/11 to be exact at Logan International Airport in Boston. He's wearing the same outfit which is why it's confusing. But they modified his face to look younger. Wrinkles and lines gone...etc. He walks to the gate and misses flight 11, which was headed for Los Angeles for the Real Estate convention, but instead it crashed into the first Twin Tower in NYC. His buddy Dave was on that flight. John had convinced Dave to go on that Real Estate trip with him. If John never invited Dave on that trip, Dave would not have died in that plane crash. John believed that he was the one who should have been on that plane, not Dave. The writers never went back to 2011 after the guys were playing hockey at the airport. All 4 of them, including John, boarded a flight together and headed to to watch the Boston Bruins defeat the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
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jenr81212 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sitting here on September 11 binge- watching Season 1, and as the events unfold, I seriously got chills. When the "Never Forget" tribute page came on at the end, the hair on my neck stood up. So strange.

Survivor's guilt is such a real thing, and it seems everyone in this show has it in some form. Brilliant move for the writers to have Maggie be a therapist by trade so she can help everyone (including the viewers) process things. I really thought the Barbara Morgan storyline was going to be something sinister with all the build up. Well played. Although I believe there is definitely more than meets the eye, and I think the last scene may be proof of that. Everyone is connected somehow, aren't they?
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Notice there were two Sophie's?
mdunigan2 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Gate agent named Sophie. Wonder if we will see more of that in season 2
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Airport scene
eljohn1069-12 March 2019
What's going on with the airport scene where the boys are playing hockey and then the flight gets called and John misses it but his friend Dave is on it. Where are the other friends he was playing with? Weren't they also getting on the flight?
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