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Season 1

8 Jul. 2018
The Oath of the Chalice
Yuuto are leading the Wolf clan into victory against the Horn clan and capture their patriarch.
15 Jul. 2018
Tactics of the Wolf
Yuuto allied with the Horn clan. but now he must defend them from a new enemy from the west, the Hoof clan .
22 Jul. 2018
Twin Runes and Twin Sisters
Celebrating the defeat of the Hoof clan. the Horn clan holds a Victory banquet for Yuuto, but an uninvited guest decide to appear, the leader of the lightning clan.
29 Jul. 2018
Steel is Tempered One Hundred Times
A new town is now under the control of the Wolf clan, and they are not willing to accept Yuuto changes. on top of that the Lightning clan plan to attack and Yuuto must think of a new strategy to stop them.
5 Aug. 2018
The Lion That Devours the Tiger
The powerful Lightning clan is attacking and Yuuto must prevail their attack using any means necessary.
12 Aug. 2018
Valkyrie's Day Off
After a series of battles Yuuto's party decides he should take a small vacation and takes him to a hot spring.
19 Aug. 2018
A Long-Awaited Revenge
Yet another powerful foe is after the Wolf. This time, it's the former brother of Yuuto, who was exiled for his misdeeds. Now he wants revenge.
26 Aug. 2018
The Kotatsu and the Empty Bellows
Yuuto cozies up with Felicia and the others underneath his new kotatsu. Later, things heat up between Yuuto and Ingrid.
2 Sep. 2018
Beautiful Moon
In the 21st Century, Mitsuki's friend, Ruri, takes her to her cousin, Saya, hoping that her knowledge of mythology might help them find out more on where Yuuto is.
9 Sep. 2018
Cornered Wolf
Leafa, a girl who looks just like Mitsuki, give Yuuto a clue how to return home. The Wolf enjoys a New Years party, only to learn that the Lightning is on the march once more.
16 Sep. 2018
Proof of a Great Ruler
Out of ideas, Yuuto decides to face the Panther Clan head-on and inspires his men with a rousing speech, but is it all in vain?
23 Sep. 2018
A Place to Call Home
Yuuto is sent back to modern Japan, where he's forced to make a choice: stay there with his beloved Mitsuki, or go back to save everyone.

 Season 1 

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