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  • While our initial view of events show her leaving with him alive, a short while later we revisit the scene and see her struggling with just walking away. She opens the door and looks in just as he is in the act, and that's how it happened. Since Harlan cut his carotid artery, blood sprayed out of his wound and at least one small drop sprayed across the room.

    Yes, and to emphasize this point the police discuss blood spray that "proves" suicide. Edit

  • It's a cue to the police detective to ask a specific question; you will notice that each time he asks a variation on "Did you and so-and-so arrive together?"

    A second theory is that it could be a way for him to mark certain parts of the recording, sort of like making a note to himself to pay special attention to that part of the interview later.

    The third theory is that Blanc is using it as sort of an improvised lie detector. One meant to interrupt the interviewee and sed if they could stick to their story or have to think up a new lie.

    He presses the key whenever the conversation starts to get off track. It's to jolt the detective into getting back to business Edit

  • Marta's original nationality isn't directly clarified. The first reason is because Marta's nationality is used to illustrate the thoughtless hypocrisy of the Thrombley clan more than Marta herself. Despite making a big deal about how close they are to her and how she is, in their words, "part of the family", the fact that everyone who brings it up claims that she's a different nationality strongly suggests that they don't actually know which is the correct one, which in turn strongly suggests that they've never actually bothered to find out. For all their fine words, they're ultimately not really that interested in her and don't see her as a person worth finding out more about.

    The second is that ultimately, it doesn't really matter. For all the debate about immigrants and immigration, Marta herself was born in America, thus making her just as American as the Thrombleys -- and even if she wasn't. the movie is arguing that she is still a person, worthy of being treated with respect, decency and compassion regardless of where she "is from".

    She's referred to as an "anchor baby" at one point, which is slang for a US-born child of undocumented immigrants. (The child is supposed to "anchor" the family in the US because the authorities would be less likely to deport the parents, so the thinking goes.)

    At 47:08 Dn Johnson states that 'We know you're from Uraguay...' - but she is also mentioned as being from Ecuador and Brazil. It seems that most of them have no idea, to them she's just from somewhere in South America and it really doesn't matter other than that she's a "foreigner". Edit

  • Whilst there is no official proof, the fact that the names are soo close it is reasonable to deduce that Harlan Thrombey is an homagae to Harlowe Thornbey. Edit



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