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ghees-2483722 July 2019
This show is visually.. unbelievable. The acting is outstanding. Every character plays an insanely difficult role to uphold their character. This show is very hard to watch at times - and raises the question of "why?" often. Most negative reviews are coming from those who cannot acquire a taste for the vulgarity of this - which is understandable. This show is not for everyone. But it's undeniable that this show is flawlessly directed - and the actors are so impressive. This is not one of the best shows i've seen in terms of story line, but in terms of cinematography and acting this show is superb. Gotta give it up to Zendaya, too. Wow.
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Hard to Watch
malx-friends13 July 2019
As the father of a teenage girl, I find this very hard to watch, but essential. I have to have several sessions to get through to the end of each episode. These situations ARE real, but maybe don't all occur at the same place and in the same period of time, as they have been put together here for dramatic effect.

Other reviews here are written from the point-of-view of "is it entertaining". I'm writing this with the view of it as docufiction, and I don't apologise for giving 10/10 as such, not as entertainment.
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Don't believe the 1/10 OR 10/10 reviews
anneconem19 June 2019
I'm so sick of seeing people give shows and movies 1/10 if they don't like it or 10/10 if they like it. So here is my short, messy and jumbled, but NUANCED review. This show is pretty great so far! It's not a masterpiece 10/10 and it's certainly not a 1/10. The first episode takes us through the life of the main character and just begins to introduce the supporting characters. The cinematography, writing, acting and pacing are all fantastic. It is a sad, depressing, shocking, and disturbing show. It's not for everyone. But it grabbed my attention immediately and held it through the whole episode. There were parts where I almost teared up, and one part where I literally had my jaw hanging open! (And not because of any of the nudity, drug use, or violence that many people have been clutching their pearls over.) My biggest criticism would be that there are two characters who aren't fleshed out at ALL so far. They're flat, one dimensional and not likeable. In fact, one of them is absolutely terrible with 0 redeeming qualities. However, since this is only the first episode and i assume the show will flesh all the characters out throughout the rest of the 8 episode run, it's kind of unfair to criticize on this point too much. Thankfully, I do care about all the other characters for the most part. The show also happens to have one of the few, and most realistic on screen depictions of OCD and mental illness/disorders I've seen in my life. I say this as someone with OCD, though not the same type and perhaps not as severe as is depicted.

Anyway, the first episode overall is a great pilot. It starts strong, keeps you intrigued, and ends with a little twist. I am definitely going to tune in in the weeks to come.

SIDE NOTE: one of the biggest criticisms I've been hearing of the show so far is that it's "not realistic." "Teens don't do THIS many drugs." "Teens don't have THIS much sex, or party THIS hard." Etc. In response I'd say this: speak for your damn self. As a teen, my experience certainly wasn't like this at all. But just because my experience wasn't like this and your experience may not have been like this, doesn't mean it wasn't like this for anyone else. The creator, Sam Levinson has stated he took inspiration for Euphoria from his struggles with addiction as a teen. Many teens struggle with drugs, violence, sex, partying, social pressures, social media, bullying etc.... and most teens will find at least some stuff in the show relatable. For me, it was the OCD depiction. Also, even if it's not realistic to you, who cares? If it's entertaining and high quality (which it is) then you'll probably enjoy it.
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it gets a LOT better
ethansmith200010 July 2019
I'm gonna try to keep it brief.

in the beginning, it seemed like the show was dark just for the sake of being dark.

everything seemed clichéd, and there was a vast degree of exaggerated negativity.

mix that with a slow beginning, and you've turned off most of your potential viewers.

however, during the fourth episode, i began to witness the story take a definite direction. it seemed to me that the relationships among the characters increased in complexity.

i would agree that this show isn't for everyone, but please give time for the story to develop before plaguing it with the 1-star reviews.

for me, Jules' backstory in the beginning of episode 4, along with the perfect music accompanying it, is the reason for my high rating. i don't think i've ever been moved this much by a tv show.
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Stop lying. This is a good show.
pewlovediepie1 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Listen to me, this show is very good. It's true that it has clichés but these characters, even if clichés, are well depicted and amazingly written. Everyone has a background that we get to know in every episode. Honestly I don't get why people say that this show portrays drugs in a good way. Like, are we watching the same show or what? It shows what it's like to be an addict. At this point I'm wondering if you've ever met an addict because I did and the scenes where Rue describes how she feels after taking drugs are so freaking honest to the point I get goosebumps. This show it's not an hymn to drugs, it shows what's like to have an addiction. I cried during episode 3 when Ali scolds Rue and tells her how having an addiction affects the people you love. Someone I deeply love is an addict and everything he said it's exactly how I feel. So please, stop judging a tv show just for the fun of it. Be honest.
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Should be written for the college age
taaffeo23 July 2019
I'm loving this show and the issues it explores, however, I do not believe the content jibes with a high school age cast of characters. I believe it would have better and more realistically been explored in a college setting... Nevertheless, I give the show a 9 because it is very well done and crosses a lot of boundaries in TV making. Thanks to HBO
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So addictive
teaqiuqiu29 July 2019
The show is truly addictive and intense in a way. The amzing cenimaphotgraphy and creative story telling are hard to beat. The impressive cast made it even more addictive, by watching Zendaya laughing and cry could be so entertaining and moving, She is on her way to the best actress for next Emmy award!
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Raw and shocking
9 out of 10 only because it's almost obviously shocking for shock value. But don't kid yourself, this is very real. Kids are doing this these days. Want to find out for yourself? Befriend you teens friends. Let them chat while you pretend not to listen.

Moving on, Zendaya is fabulous. Beyond fabulous. So is her sister. It's a semi-unique story. Teenage angst will never end, it just becomes grittier.
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I actually like this show (so far)
ckckyang20 June 2019
I know it's a little bit too cliched and a bit too overwhelming and virtuoso, but seeing these amazing cinematography, amazing direction, amazing actors and soundtrack and editing, I just can't help myself but fall in love with this show, because it's DIFFERENT from other YA movies and shows, it's special, not because of its controversial materials, not because of its stereotypical story and characters (especially the cliched pool party), but it's the way of storytelling that makes it intriguing for me, and it's also unique enough to stand out from the other YA shows.
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I'm not sure if it's trying to spread awareness or encourage certain behaviors
Brainscreens20 June 2019
I can't say that I love it or even hate it, it's somewhere in between I'm lost in the plot itself I don't know what it's trying to say. The characters are not really loveable or relatable I'm just not sure what type of audience is this for..
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Crazy interesting and brave series.
eriklindstol5 August 2019
Euphoria season 1 is a masterpiece! The season also ended in a way that can make a season 2 just as intense as the first one. I have so many questions, but thats how I want it to be. Give me season 2 real soon please!
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Until Then...
arminbilefield25 August 2019
The honesty in this show is amazing. With fascinating characters and stories that feel genuine about characters that are three dimensional, this show finds a comfortable place in your mind for weeks after you have finished it. i have re watched the whole series 3 times already. Apart from some mutual situation me and Rue have been through and I'm familiar with, the show offers a honest portrayal of the modern teen culture in the U.S and their lifestyle. One of this show's strengths is capturing the highs Rue feels, like the one where the room starts to turn around her and that spectacular ending of the last episode which could not been more beautiful and amazing. the story makes you care for Rue and Jules, and if you have gone through an addiction of sorts and have had problems over it with your family, this show will nail some scenes and moments for you. I was really shocked to find out it's based on an Israeli TV-Show, since a lot of the story is based on creator Sam Levinson's own experiences. Which i think they still definitely are. I sense that every character in the show are people who Sam Levinson knew back when he was a teenager and that's probably why i never had a hard time imagining the characters on the show as real persons. Everything aside, this show has one of the best and most awesome soundtracks with some great songs that matches the scenes they are used in, perfectly. and of course a beautifully lit cinematography. If you are easily offended and are like super anti-drug maybe don't watch this show. but if you wanna see some real ass struggles and characters that aren't flawless and make mistakes... big time. then you'll love this show. I have fallen in love with this show's Characters, specially with Rue, Fez and Lexi and also Jules... and i would follow their story for whatever numbers of seasons they'll get to make.
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Hawkins888 July 2019
A beautiful and thought-provoking show. I don't understand all the negativity and judgement in the other reviews. It shines a light on real issues and deals with them honestly. Granted it is graphic but that's realism for you. It also managed to be incredibly funny at times and insightful while dealing with some pretty messed up stuff. Plus the acting, writing, music, camera work, etc are all on point.
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Transgression as corporate product = exploitation
tkdurbin17 June 2019
There is nothing honest or insightful here deeper than an after school special. Really just prurient adults with a nice budget and film school pretensions playing at debaucheries they've never experienced but wish they could.
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Another Win for HBO
grahamedmonds-1246117 June 2019
After watching the pilot, I can already tell this show's going to be something special. It's gorgeously shot, well-acted, and above all else- painfully honest. One of the best pilots I've seen in recent memory.
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Real on so many levels
mikemaxson19 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I think most reviews totally missed the real intriguing aspect of Euphoria. It's a drug induced trip through 21st Century older teens. Jules is definitely the biggest character. A trans teenager, played wonderfully by Hunter Schafer (Who's a trans Model and LGBT activist) And I think it was so subtle that many people missed it; from her hooking up with an older man from Grindr who's in to domination of trans women and effeminate gay guys to her laying with Zendaya at the end with a bulge in her panties. Clearly some bisexuality is going to be explored. Add in the drug rehab culture, which I'm thinking people writing these reviews must not know much about it because Zendaya is dead on what it's like to be an addict. Finally, you can tell people are full of it saying how it's rehashing of Kids and Skins, it's from an Israeli show called "Euphoria"
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Trying too hard to be raw
elliotalderson22 June 2019
Cliché dialogue and dull characters with multiple situations presented to the viewer mainly (if not only) for shock value. Some of the acting and the cinematography are the only reasons why I'm giving it a 3. Its main problem is that it fails to deliver a genuine message. Everything is X rated for no apparent reason + combined with weak fake-deep conversations. You could really explore some of the problems the teenagers deal with in the show using subtlety, but this show is always in your face.
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Had potential but ultimately more miss than hit
grantss30 June 2019
This series had potential as a gritty yet entertaining updating of the depiction of teens' lives. It's been done before - Skins (the UK version) was particularly good (though only initially: it ran out of steam after about two seasons).

Occasionally the series lives up to its promise, with a few stories that are quite interesting and engaging. However, for the most part it is quite dull and unengaging. The central character - Rue - is the main cause of the problem, coming across as superficial, self-absorbed and pretentious. In fact the whole series feels like that, though it might accurately describe teens' lives (!).

As mentioned, some side-stories are interesting, but these are not enough to make this watchable.
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I could give you 13 reasons why you will hate this
AngeloU0017 June 2019
This show has really no good argument, nor any good reason to exist. The pilot is weak and doesn't set any pace to the show. The narration tries to be creative but ends up confusing the average viewer breaking completely the almost nonexisting storytelling. The main character is yet another rebel teenager that does whatever she wants without thinking about the consequences, same old story. The "controversial" themes everyone talked about are just stereotypes and carry the same saturated agenda. The photography is the only place it shines, kudos to the photography director. Too hyped and overall is not interesting or fresh.
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The movie KIDS remade
amyvsings17 June 2019
Just a copy of the movie Kids from the 90's. Nothing new, just applied to the current generation. Honestly boring and over hyped. I only gave it 4 stars for the cinematography.
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Who is the audience for this?
j23818 June 2019
It's a teen drama with plenty of drugs, sex, and nudity, including full-frontal male. Even by HBO standards, that's pushing the envelope. Personally, I'm not opposed, far from it. But this is a teen show with lots of content unsuitable for teenagers. So, the question is who is HBO's intended audience? Teenagers flouting their parents rules? Or older audience members looking to see some young (mostly in very good shape) bodies?
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"You think I went to rehab just so I could stay clean?" Uggghhhhfff
phillipbrowning18 June 2019
I rarely write reviews on this site, especially not bad ones. This is actually my first bad review and I feel it's well deserved. I dont understand this show; who is its target audience? and who at HBO gave it the green light- go ahead? Mature, rated R subject matter and teens dont usually mix well and it definitely doesnt here. The dialogue between charecters is painfully to the ears. All the non-adult charecters in euphorias' suburban setting all talk like they were plucked out of boys N' the hoods' south central, even despite not looking like those charecters. Some of the charecters are absolutely absurd, most notably the main charecter Rubys' 11 year old drug dealer. (btw, he ain't just slanging grass). To wrap this up, in short, what makes this show undesirable at least for me is that the actual high points of this show; the truly stunning visuals, cinematography, directing and overall impressive production are completely being wasted on a show with a terrible concept/ premise and lack-lustre screenwriting... What the hell HBO? I haven't been this confused since they decided to cancel dead wood... that's all thanks for listening to my rant! Give it a wide berth. Bye y'all.
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Just Say No.
ocddavid19 June 2019
It's exploitation pure and simple.

An X rated Degrassi Jr. High.

That's no mistake as Aubrey Graham aka Drake, who starred in the Degrassi Jr. High television series, produced this stereotype-laden, cringe-fest.

That being said, there is some excellent camera work and art direction combined with a good soundtrack. Unfortunately, the actor's performances are middling, and the script is weak canceling out any of the positives of the show.

Then there are the rebellious characters that inhabit the show who, as of the first episode, seemingly have nothing to rebel against but for the mere fact they were born... Literally, it's the opening scene.

As far as suspension of disbelief can I ask where these kids are supposed to be getting all the money for their drugs and liquor?
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Pseudo deep storyline gives way to just shock and awe
taylerchoate17 June 2019
I will be honest I had high hopes. I saw this show was extremely controversial and I was hoping this was due to the content of the story line. It's not. It's due to the content on the screen. While it looks like it will showcase a deep thought out portrayal of growing up. It really just uses screen time to demonstrate some of the worst atrocities that can happen to young teenagers in America. The worst part being it shows the issues so close together that they move from real problems to bombastic shock and awes that truly numb the whole content delivery. Ultimately if you have access to the internet most of these stories have been seen 1000's of times over via Reddit or name you board here. This show showcases them it never explored them. I will watch the next episode and maybe I will be wrong? Episode one was not that interesting on its own.
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mariobtrejo20 June 2019
Euphoria is delicate, cold, warm, disruptive, deep, dark, uncomfortable, provocative and I could go on! It has so many elements and layers of humanity that makes it AMAZING! As a warning it could be triggering for some people.
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