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Very funny show, great crude humor
samsproule3 April 2019
I really loved this anime. It ranks high on my list for the funniest anime I have seen, probably because i am a big fan of the type of dark humor common in the show. I would say this is the type of show that gets better as it goes on, after all my biggest laughs were near the end of the 10 episode series. The premise is so unusual, and so unbelievable, that it creates a fun and unique experience. I cannot point out any glaring flaws, other than the fact that it seems like the show was given a small budget, so there is not exactly any beautiful animation to be seen(not that you should expect any from a show about yakuza members forced to get their privates cut off and become idols) but you can tell the creators worked hard with what they had. I highly recommend this show for people who are looking for a good laugh.
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Really funny
firmak214 August 2019
The anyme can be hilarious or at the very least is pretty funny, i hope it gets its second season, i can recomend it to anyone who can watch a cartoon without taking it does skip on animation sometimes by using slides but i feel like it adds to it.
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A brilliant critique of consumerism and misogyny in Japan
jwturnerbh4 February 2019
Though masquerading as a crass comedy about Yakuza members turned idols by a sadistic boss, this show offers a remarkably brutal critique of the idol culture it portrays. The literal emasculation of the three Yakuza members reflects the cultural emasculation of Japan following the second world war in an attempt to downplay the war crimes of the nation. I don't think that its an accident that the mastermind if this emasculation is an American, referring likely to the US's efforts to forget Japanese warcrimes to set them up as a viable ally against the Soviets. The show also highlights the truly abhorrent conditions with its own tongue-in-cheek comedy. Such a framing device makes the expose more palpable to both local and western audiences. Acknowledging such mistreatment represents a vital beginning step for the culture of Japan. Furthermore was the representation of the rampant objectification and misogyny in both Japan at large and idol culture comes to light in the characteristic brutal satire of the Gokudolls. A large number of the 'fans' of the Gokudolls are shown to be slobbish and disgusting wastes of men. Their internal ugliness made physical. This show is a sadly overlooked and under appreciated satire, especially by those who refuse to acknowledge the problematic aspects of anime.
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Bad taaste
tonybullone11 February 2019
One of the worst series I ever seen, bad taste and dangerous. Why? The kids can think to change sex gender is a game. In this era where the gender theory is growing up, this cartoon seems to want help it. Don't permits to see this to your kids. It is junk for their mind.
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Good idea but definitely not that funny or great
Irishchatter22 February 2019
Basically the story is about 3 mafia men being transformed into Barbie doll idols by their psycho boss and have to live through it. However that didn't help me be interested in watching it further. I like the Gender bending genre but this one unfortunately is part of the bad ones I've watched and it's really struggling to be funny so Imma gonna avoid watching the other 9 episodes for sure...
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