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8 Oct. 2018
PIERRE ROSSO: un extraterrestre incontesté... cascadeur, coordinateur de cascades, comédien et six fois recordman du monde de sauts à l'élastique de 800 mètres de haut.
In any case, PIERRE ROSSO is one of the greatest stuntmen of all time, he did things crazy, he is unmatched in his genre, his career, his memories because he also knew princes and princesses, he is a prince, a lord, a modest man. But I do not do it, he has the humility of the great of the 7th ART, there is BELMONDO, NIRO, AL PACINO, RENO in the 7th ART but he is the only one in the stunt called "ROSSO "And there will never be stuntmen of this ilk, there was one, the mold is broken, when I am told then PIERRE ROSSO what do you think? There are some who have seen GOD, I...
15 Oct. 2018
CHRISTOPHE MORIN: historien, archiviste, auteur
welcome to RCN, you are well on the program "WIDE SCREEN", today, we receive, a passionate, a historian of an American cinema and known voiceoff, I named CHRISTOPHE MORIN who has a job in the civil since he is a store manager, but as soon as he leaves his work, he moults and becomes a mutant of the cinema, he is a man who sleeps very little, he works tirelessly on various artistic projects, he is constantly in relation with ROBERT CONRAD alias james west in the mysteries of the west, he is Besides, he is so close that he is a fervent and diligent listener of his show ...
22 Oct. 2018
CHRISTIAN BERNARD: écrivain, scénariste, dialoguiste
Author director of amateur plays in the 90s former real estate agent, CHRISTIAN BERNARD had a wonderful career in public relations but he continues to write on different topics Monday 22/10/2018 at 21h on 89.3 on RCN.
29 Oct. 2018
CHARLY BERTONI comédien a été une vocation
radio chalom presents Charles Bertoni who is our next comedian on our TV channel, he had two restaurants in NICE but not that, since he had fun doing cabaret in his restaurants and one day he was noticed by other well-known comedians and especially with one of the greatest French directors, I named GEORGES LAUTNER.Charles Bertoni has managed to lead his companies and his work as a comedian perfectly and he keeps beautiful memories with the most great French comedians of the time .
10 Dec. 2018
BENOÎT ALLEMANE la voix de doublage de morgan freeman et bien d'autres
An interview of one of the voiceovers for the uninitiated voiceover is the dubbing voice behind a comedian, a documentary, an audio book, a video game - etc etc, in all this voice there it is I am a huge fan of MR BENOIT ALLEMANE who is for RADIO CHALOM one of the most charismatic voice-over in the world, I mean the world, listen to his voice, even with his eyes closed you will recognize the voice of the charismatic MORGAN FREEMAN and from JOHN GOODMAN for the best-known voices but he has a huge hunting board, he made more voices than one can imagine ... a very big ...
5 Nov. 2018
THIERRY COLLARD directeur du groupe ESRA région paca
in preparation tonight for a magnificent show studious, informative, cinematographic, the real way to learn to work in the cinema is to act and do it and not to dream, the dark rooms are there for that, work in the cinema it is giving your soul to the image and while you audience you appreciate the work in front of the screen, those who work there give their all to make you dream.This evening the director of the ESRA Thierry Collard goes to unveil a part of his world, his job as a director who is not a small business, bring after three years of examination students ...
12 Nov. 2018
VINCE ROGERS ET RON BORDER: le western du cinéma populaire
Tonight 21h on 89.3, we will be at Jack Daniel, your host Thierry Genovese bring the bottle of whiskey live and whiskey glasses, we will live an unforgettable moment, which will be timeless, but so huge too, we will be in the world of popular cinema, a kind of last session without MR Eddy Mitchell, the boss of the western, but we will talk about the world of LEONE, ENNIO MORRICONE and other goods, we will talk about these four westerns with Vince Rogers and his friend RON BORDER, the two extraterrestrials of the western that will make us dream of a cinema that takes ...
19 Nov. 2018
ARSENE JIROYAN "un comédien aux multiples facettes"
Very nice news again, we will be in interview on Chalom Nitsan with the talented actor Arsene Jiroyan - on 19/11/2018 in the studios of Radio Chalom Nitsan RCN for his career which is a model for those who want to be comedian, he is very good on the screen, But I saw him play at the theater in PARIS, in the play: "sex, scheming and general culture" directed by LAURENT BAFFIE, he is awesome talent, the other actors also but in this piece, I was captivated by his talent because I had never seen him play in the theater, he is a genius comedian who plays instinctively, I ...
3 Dec. 2018
JACQUES RENOIR "un chef opérateur respecté"
Jacques Renoir affirms very early his passion for the image and the photography. Graduate of the Technical School of Photography and Cinematography Louis Lumière, he is the assistant of the most famous directors and directors (Vadim, Claude Sautet, Granier Deferre, Lewis Gilbert, John Frankenheimer ..) but his curiosity to discovering the world takes him in the wake of the Calypso and Cousteau for 7 years to film and realize the episodes of the famous TV series. Four nominations and one Emmy award crown this collaboration. Then he goes on with great reports: ...
17 Dec. 2018
VINCE ROGERS ET RON BORDER: john wayne l'empreinte d'un géant inégalé
Hello, monday 17/12/2018 at 21h live and wednesday 19/12/2018 delayed at 21h, remember this date, we will be again with our two friends and extraterrestrials Vince Rogers and RON BORDER, the specialists of the western , the show last month made a lot of noise and we are asked in force, we will be once again and with pleasure all together for a special western and not least, we will make a show out of the ordinary, trying to look like our master of the western Eddy Mitchell, with one of the most charismatic actors and also of other genres, big in size, the man who was ...

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