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Perfect delivery
krmkhn9 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I did manage to keep a straight face throughout the show, not that it was much demanding in that sense, but at that scene where Marie Adler earns her driving licence and has to ask a stranger to take her photo where she proudly holds her certificate... I lost it. I completely lost it. It seemed as if the whole series was produced for the beaming smile in that single, short, unassuming scene. I don't remember any other series, film or book conveying the sense of being completely alone in the world nearly as good as Unbelievable. I will never forget that sense of void.
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Season One
zkonedog21 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
One way to do a show about tricky social issues is to proselytize about it quite a bit. This includes long speeches or continued hammering-home of messages. Another way is to create a show that is about so many more things than just the overriding message at hand that it is easy for viewers to find a way in and not feel fatigued by any constant sermonizing. "Unbelievable" takes strictly that latter approach and as a result is one of the overall best miniseries I've seen in quite some time.

For a basic overview, "Unbelievable" sees young woman Marie Adler (Kaitlyn Dever), who has already been tossed around the foster care system, become a victim of a rape. In dealing with the police investigation, Marie is basically coerced (or at least heavily "led") to put on the record that she made the attack up. Fast-forward three years later, and to a different area of the country, and odd couple Detectives pairing Rasmussen (Toni Collette) and Duvall (Merrit Wever) are investigating a string of rapes with the same M.O. as what was done to Marie.

Almost without a doubt, the highlight of this show is its ability to be so many different things and succeed at all of them. It is, in turn...

-A crushing story of how rape can mentally and physically destroy a person's psyche and body -A treatise on how investigators need to be careful to avoid victim-blaming and show sensitivity rather than bluntness -An excellent police procedural, as Duvall & Rasmussen leave no stone unturned in their rape investigations -A touching look at how police work can affect one's home life

Despite biting off all these different pieces, the combination is never more than the show runners can chew. Each of the above areas are given perfect screen-time and pacing. Plus, as I mentioned in the opening, never in this show are there any "turn to the camera speeches" moments or hammy dialogue. Very much a "show, not tell" approach to dealing with all these important topics.

The acting in "Unbelievable" also lives up to its name. Dever basically has the marketed corner and down-on-their-luck teen roles at this point, and Collette is always a strong presence. In many ways, though, Wever often steals the show. Her combination of police detective style but also very much being a "normal person" off the job is truly impressive. When I think back to the best scenes of this series, she is in most of them.

While the show was solid all the way through, the last couple of episodes (especially the finale) vault it into memorable territory. All the angles come together perfectly, and even the little character moments (finding out the origins of "Max the Knife", for instance) are wonderfully executed. I felt myself caring for these characters in a deep way, and that's no feat to scoff at have been executed over just 8 episodes.

Overall, "Unbelievable" is a series that will still with me for quite some time. Perhaps this is a personal trait, but I very much prefer shows that don't get too "preachy" (or dialogue or setup) and this one found that perfect niche. It expertly comments on major social issues while still managing to be supremely entertaining in its own right.
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Worth of your time
matiasbockerman22 September 2019
Better than I thought, pretty solid. Story was interesting and captivating and 'umbelivable' nailed this story. I really do hope Marie(and other victims)get better life now.
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A life lesson
Autumn_Leaf823 September 2019
At first yall made us think the suspect was the cop husband and that would be more sick but those things happen in life. Anyways i just want to say that the show is great i was so concentrated in the cases because i watched it all in one day. The law doesn't always do the right thing or the correct one. Has flaws but like the victim said do they ever learn or will they learn, that is the question.
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Completely absorbing
jemimabrough18 November 2019
I could not stop watching this series. The writing and the acting were excellent. The first episode is hard to watch because the story is so tragic and yet seems so terribly plausible, but I'm so glad I continued with it. Absolutely worth a watch.
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Had me gripped until I finished.
bestfootie30 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Really interesting concept.

As someone, a man, who has been on the other side and had false claims made against him it would be nice if Hollywood/Netflix made a film highlighting the impact of false claims on those they're made against. I'm not aware of any such films or series as yet.

That prelude said, I thought the limited series (meaning it is definitely concluded by the end) was well worth the watch. You must persevere through the very slow (perhaps unduly so) first episode.

Some people have said they liked the character of the non-blonde detective. I found her so roboticly lacking humanity. Her character really grated on me... I guess she just seemed entirely dispassionate as a human being but entirely passionate as an investigator of this particular case.

I wasn't sure if Marie had ended up being raped when she'd said it had happened or if the rape had happened at an earlier point in time (I think it was the latter). In any case the show resolved the unanswered question throughout.
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