"13 Reasons Why" If You're Breathing, You're a Liar (TV Episode 2019) Poster

Ross Butler: Zach Dempsey


  • Zach Dempsey : [to Charlie]  Just maybe don't get your psychological insights from Monty. That's like getting your clothes from Walmart.

    Justin Foley : I get my clothes from Walmart all the time.

  • Zach Dempsey : [to Chloe]  Do you ever think of it now?

    Chloe Rice : Every day. Sometimes it's fine. Sometimes I feel ashamed.

    Zach Dempsey : No. Do not feel that.

    Chloe Rice : I know. You're right.

    Zach Dempsey : Shame is what other people put on you and they make it like you have to own it or something, but you don't.

  • Zach Dempsey : I've been fighting with Bryce Walker my whole fucking life. Okay? Ever since Pop Warner in the fifth grade. Now that he's gone, more than ever. Monty, Luke, Taylor, all those guys, they're Bryce's boys. They wanted to do things his way. I just wanted to do things better. I didn't want my time at Liberty to be about the clubhouse and girls getting raped, you know? It's just... I knew that we could do better.

  • Zach Dempsey : If any of those guys find out it was Bryce that took me down, that he was the one that took me out for good, then he wins and I've worked so hard to put Bryce in the past.

  • Bryce Walker : Zachy. Saw the Audi. Had to stop and say hi.

    Zach Dempsey : How's Hillcrest?

    Bryce Walker : Oh, it's like a fucking country club. I'm loving it. How's your team?

    Zach Dempsey : It's coming together.

    Bryce Walker : Yeah, Monty says you've got some exciting new ideas. None of them about football exactly, but exciting.

    Zach Dempsey : Yeah, just trying to heal things, you know? Do better.

    Bryce Walker : Better? Better than me?

    Zach Dempsey : Yeah.

    Bryce Walker : What are you gonna do when things get tough, then? When you gotta be a hard-ass? I worry, man. You're soft.

    Zach Dempsey : No need to worry.

    Bryce Walker : Is your mom gonna help? 'Cause last I remember, she's the only one with an actual dick in your family.

  • Bryce Walker : [to Zach]  All that rage, man. You keep pushing it down when you should be using it. It's not healthy.

    Zach Dempsey : I didn't ask for your advice.

    Bryce Walker : Nope, you're just gonna keep doing like you do, and fucking your whole team while you're at it. And me? I guess I'll just keep fucking your head cheerleader.

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