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Episode 6
Prismark1026 April 2019
Many years ago I saw an interview given by the editor of tabloid newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch. The editor said Murdoch took detailed interest in the newspaper even down to what the front page looked like. It did not matter if Murdoch was in LA looking at the rushes of the latest movie made by Fox Studios. He was always switched on.

Some years later when the Hackingate scandal emerged. Rupert Murdoch expressed shock and dismay that his newspapers were doing unethical things like blagging, hacking into phones.

Of course with the shockingly poor state of investigative journalism today, no one unearthed that interview.

The parallels were not lost in this episode. Max aware what his son Caden and ex wife were planning to do gets his revenge in early. Caden is to blame for any lapses in press ethics.

Max's reveal of the prime minister's son being involved in radical Islamist websites leads to tragedy.

However we also see the unveiling of a bigger monster than Max. Angela Howard shows her true face.

As always Max claims he does not influence events, he just sees the early signs as to which way the wind is blowing. I think this series is shaping up nicely so far. It always has a few surprises in each episode.
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