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Down Memory Lane with O'Brien
Michael_Elliott11 May 2018
Dr. O'Brien MD: An Interview with Actor Donald O'Brien (2018)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

This eighteen-minute interview with Donald O'Brien will be a real treat to his fans because he talks a mile a minute and really puts a lot of great information out there. He starts off talking about how he got involved with acting as well as another job that didn't turn out too well from him. From there he basically goes into discussing various films and people that he has worked with. This includes some great stories about Burt Lancaster on THE TRAIN as well as the likes of Tomas Milan and Franco Nero. He also shares some nice stories about the likes of Joe D'Amato and Lucio Fulci. O'Brien jokes throughout the running time about all the positive things he says about the people he worked with but it was great fun listening to him go down memory lane. There were a lot of very good stories told here and fans of the actor will get a kick out of them.
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