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Blake Ritson: Brainiac, Voice of Rao



  • Voice of Rao : Have you decided, Ona? Are you ready to give yourself over now, and join your mother?

    Ona : That's not what I've chosen. I want to serve you here.

    Voice of Rao : You are a surprising child.

    Ona : I'm sorry.

    Voice of Rao : One gets tired of always being right. I think I like surprises.

    [she gives him a tight hug] 

    Voice of Rao : Perhaps it's time you saw who it is you've vowed to serve.

  • Ona : Born from the void of the universe, before time began, Almighty Rao, who kindled the sun and created all life, I submit to thee.

    Voice of Rao : What makes you think Rao created all life?

    Ona : Because I have faith. My mother told me faith's a journey that begins in hope and ends in belief of what you can't see, but know to be true.

    Voice of Rao : Or it could be considered a delusion. The sign of a species not given to clear thought.

    Ona : Is this a test?

    Voice of Rao : Yes.

    Ona : Do you think my faith isn't strong enough? What are you testing?

    Voice of Rao : Your worthiness. Your city's, your world's. Do you deserve eternal life?

    Ona : What happens to those who aren't worthy?

    Voice of Rao : I think you know the opposite of eternal life, Ona.

  • Voice of Rao : Why is faith important to you?

    Ona : It means that everything has a purpose. That the purpose is good. That I'll see my mother again one day. It's faith that leads us to the Blessed Place.

    Voice of Rao : Is that important to you, Little Sundrop?

    Ona : How did you know that my mother called me that?

    Voice of Rao : A few of the worthy, the special ones, I take into myself. I take their memories, skills, dreams. Everything that makes them what they are. Their template lives forever in me.

    Ona : A template, that's a soul?

    Voice of Rao : Your mother is here in me. You could join her. Together forever. Would you choose that?

  • Ona : Sevi, why are you afraid? What's wrong?

    Voice of Rao : Sevi has nothing to be afraid of. She's answered her questions well, and been promised eternal life.

    Ona : Sevi, that's wonderful, isn't it?

    Sevi : Yes. I'm so happy.

    Voice of Rao : Your choice will determine your fate for eternity. Take time to consider it well.

  • Dev-Em : Your Eminence, we're here to escort you to the ceremony.

    Voice of Rao : There will be a slight delay. In speaking with my protege, I realize I need more contact with the people of Kandor. I have much to learn, and to judge.

    Dev-Em : I don't understand, Your Eminence.

    Voice of Rao : The ceremony must be open to the public. I want the hall packed with citizens. Young, old, Guilded, Rankless. Turn no one away.

    Dev-Em : Your Eminence, I'm not sure we can get the people there in time.

    Voice of Rao : Then begin now.

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