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25 Mar. 2019
Episode #2.1
Barristers Jeremy Dein and Sasha Wass investigate if the 15-year-old boy convicted of murdering the landlady of the local inn in the sleepy Oxfordshire hamlet of Gallowstree Green in 1921 was truly guilty.
26 Mar. 2019
Episode #2.2
Barristers re-investigate the murder of a young German woman at the hands of her Greek-Cypriot mother-in-law in Hampstead in 1954. The murdered woman's son believes his grandmother was the victim of a miscarriage of justice.
27 Mar. 2019
Episode #2.3
Jeremy and Sasha examine a curious case of poisoning in Croydon in 1907 that caused the demise of an innocent family. The great-grandsons of the man convicted of the ghastly deed want to learn the truth about their ancestor.
28 Mar. 2019
Episode #2.4
The barristers reexamine the 1962 armed robbery of a Co-op depot in South London which resulted in an employee being shot dead. Was a career criminal 'fitted up' for murder as claimed by his widow?
29 Mar. 2019
Episode #2.5
Saha and Jeremy examine the murder of a young woman in a local 'lovers lane' in Leighton Buzzard in 1937. Her ex-boyfriend was found guilty of her murder but his nieces believe he was innocent.
1 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.6
The barristers examine the tragic case of a failed suicide pact in Birmingham in 1942 that left a young woman dead and her married lover convicted of her murder and hung.
2 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.7
The barristers explore a case involving domestic violence, adultery, revenge and murder in a Yorkshire town in 1903. 125-years on the great-granddaughter of one of those convicted of murder.
3 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.8
Barristers Jeremy Dein and Sasha Wass investigate whether a young mother accused of poisoning her family in 1850 was hanged as a result of hearsay and gossip.
4 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.9
The barristers re-examine the violent attack on an Irish Catholic man by a rival gang in Darlington in 1875. They uncover a case of revenge, murder, secret societies and a deathbed accusation.
5 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.10
Sasha and Jeremy re-examine the poisoning of a man by his wife in 1930s Lincolnshire, a crime that was exposed by an anonymous note to the police. 84 years on the cousin of the woman hanged for the crime wants answers.
8 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.11
Jeremy and Sasha look back at their examination of the case of Edith Thompson that they tackled in the very first edition of the show. 1 year on they meet Edith's cousin Nicki to find out what has happened since.
9 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.12
Sasha and Jeremy look back at their investigation of the poisoning of Frederick Bryant in 1935 and discover that a family torn apart by the incident has finally been reunited.
10 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.13
Barristers Sasha and Jeremy look back at the questionable case against Alfred Moore for the murder of two policemen in Huddersfield in 1951.
11 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.14
Barristers Sasha and Jeremy revisit a seaside murder case from 1900 and catch up with the relative of the convicted man, who is now on the trail of a mysterious brother-in-law.
12 Apr. 2019
Episode #2.15
Barristers Jeremy and Sasha revisit a rural case of murder and moonlighting in Ireland in 1894 and discover that the convicted man's relatives are hoping for an official pardon.
25 Nov. 2019
The barristers investigate their oldest case yet, the drowning of a female passenger aboard a commercial narrow boat in Staffordshire in 1839, for which boatmen were convicted and publicly hanged.
26 Nov. 2019
Sasha and Jeremy examine the mysterious murder of a Yorkshire farm owner in 1933. Had a love affair led to an employee shooting his employer and trying to destroy the evidence?
27 Nov. 2019
Jeremy and Sasha examine the case of a Sussex poultry farmer who buried the body of his fiancee under a chicken run in 1924, but claimed he hadn't killed her. His trial saw two eminent pathologists disagree over cause of death.
28 Nov. 2019
The barristers examine the case of a lawyer and former army major who was hanged for poisoning his wife with arsenic in Hay-on-Wye in 1921.
29 Nov. 2019
Sasha and Jeremy investigate the 1935 morphine poisoning of a resident of a Nottingham care home, for which the owner of the nursing home was convicted and hanged.
2 Dec. 2019
Jeremy and Sasha examine the violent assault and murder of a teenage girl in south east London in 1918 and how a button and a badge found near her body led to the conviction of a former serviceman.
3 Dec. 2019
The barristers investigate whether a canalside murder in 1927 by a man impersonating a police officer led to a miscarriage of justice. A young couple were stopped by a man claiming to be a policeman, who then attacked them.
4 Dec. 2019
Sasha and Jeremy investigate whether the shooting of a gentleman farmer in rural Staffordshire in 1893 was really carried out by the 19-year-old rabbit poacher who was hanged for the crime or if it was actually his father who was guilty.
5 Dec. 2019
Was a wealthy female tenant poisoned by her landlord, to whom she had signed over her assets just before her death in the belief that he would look after her recently adopted 10-year-old son?
6 Dec. 2019
Sasha and Jeremy examine the brutal murder of a 41-year-old landlady in Leeds in 1926, for which the prime suspect, a 31-year-old mother, was convicted and hanged.

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