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Season 1

26 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.1
Sasha and Jeremy re-investigate the case of Charlotte Bryant, tried, convicted and hung for poisoning her husband Frederick with arsenic in Dorset, in 1935. Could it have been an accident?
27 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.2
The team review the infamous case of prolific petty thieves Edward Devlin and Alfred Burns, who were sentenced to death for the 1951 murder of Beatrice Rimmer in Manchester.
28 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.3
Two top criminal barristers re-investigate the trial, conviction and execution of Alfred Moore for shooting dead two police officers in a police cordon surrounding his farmhouse in 1951.
1 Mar. 2018
Episode #1.4
The case of the last man to be hanged at Newcastle Prison, John Dickman, is re-examined by the team. The local bookmaker was convicted of shooting dead a man on a train.
2 Mar. 2018
Episode #1.5
In 1922, Edith Thompson and her lover are convicted of the brutal murder of her husband Percy. In 2017, her cousin Nicki questions how safe the original convictions were.
5 Mar. 2018
Episode #1.6
Sasha and Jeremy re-investigate a murder case from 1900 in Great Yarmouth. A woman who was staying in the seaside resort under an assumed name was found dead on the beach.
6 Mar. 2018
Episode #1.7
Jeremy and Sasha examine an alleged false confession that led to the hanging of William Burtoft for the brutal murder of Frances Levin in her Manchester home in 1933.
7 Mar. 2018
Episode #1.8
The barristers scrutinise a violent burglary in 1931 that led to 54-year-old widow Annie Louise Kempson being bludgeoned and stabbed to death in her Oxford home.
8 Mar. 2018
Episode #1.9
Jeremy and Sasha examine a gang-related murder in Clapham Common in 1953 that left one teenager dead and another one facing the hangman's noose.
9 Mar. 2018
Episode #1.10
Jeremy and Sasha investigate a rural case of murder in County Cork, Ireland in 1894. John Twiss was hanged for the murder of James Donovan but protested his innocence to the end.

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