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Dead Inside

When Katsumoto suspects that one of his fellow cops is dirty and has stolen evidence, he begrudgingly asks Magnum and Higgins for help; Rick and TC help Los Angeles Rams defensive Aaron Donald recover his stolen tablet.

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Knight Lasts Forever

Kumu and Higgins are in danger when Robin's Nest is under siege by mercenaries storming the estate in order to find out the true identity of the White Knight, Robin's muse and literary hero.

Season 1

24 Sep. 2018
I Saw the Sun Rise
Former Navy SEAL Thomas Magnum settles into his new life as a private investigator and is pulled into a quest for vengeance and a hunt for Iraqi gold when a former war comrade is murdered.
1 Oct. 2018
From the Head Down
Magnum helps a struggling fisherman when his 30-pound tuna worth $350,000 is stolen, and discovers that the thief needs Magnum's help too.
8 Oct. 2018
The Woman Who Never Died
Magnum is hired to find out the true identity of a man's comatose fiancée when he learns that she's had extensive facial surgery.
15 Oct. 2018
Six Paintings, One Frame
Magnum is arrested as the main suspect when a close friend of Higgins, an art connoisseur who hired Thomas to test his security, is murdered.
22 Oct. 2018
Sudden Death
TC asks Magnum to take on a case to help acquit the father of one of his young football players who is accused of murder.
29 Oct. 2018
Death Is Only Temporary
An aging tycoon asks Magnum to find his lost love, who supposedly died 30 years ago; Rick and TC help an injured vet adjust to civilian life.
5 Nov. 2018
The Cat Who Cried Wolf
Magnum takes the case of a little girl's missing cat and, in the process, stumbles upon another cat's murdered owner who happens to be an FBI agent.
12 Nov. 2018
Die He Said
A man dying of lymphoma hires Magnum to find his estranged, bone-marrow-compatible brother, who also needs his help.
19 Nov. 2018
The Ties That Bind
Magnum draws on his past trauma as a POW when he's called in to help a teenage kidnap victim who escaped her captors.
10 Dec. 2018
Bad Day to Be a Hero
Magnum must help Rick's crush after her illegal poker game is robbed by masked gunmen.
14 Jan. 2019
Nowhere to Hide
Higgins' and Kumu's lives are put in danger when Magnum get too close to a case involving a missing Russian fugitive.
20 Jan. 2019
Winner Takes All
Magnum and every other private investigator and bounty hunter are tasked to track down a man accused of murder.
21 Jan. 2019
Day of the Viper
Magnum helps Higgins find "the Viper," the assassin who killed her true love.
28 Jan. 2019
I, the Deceased
Magnum investigates the murder of a man who, pre-death, hires Thomas to find his killer.
18 Feb. 2019
Day the Past Came Back
After Magnum is kidnapped, he discovers that his ex is on the island planning to steal a fortune in gold.
25 Feb. 2019
Murder Is Never Quiet
Magnum is hired by a woman to prove that her son didn't kill his girlfriend, and has only 24 hours.
4 Mar. 2019
Black Is the Widow
Magnum poses as a doctor on a dating app in order to find a killer who may be preying on wealthy men.
11 Mar. 2019
A Kiss Before Dying
When the Dobermans dig up what appears to be a human bone, Magnum and Higgins help Katsumoto investigate the murder of his former mentor.
25 Mar. 2019
Blood in the Water
Magnum and Higgins are stranded at sea after being "yacht-jacked," and must reach land before Higgins bleeds out and the culprits return to finish them off.
1 Apr. 2019
The Day It All Came Together
Hannah, Magnum's fugitive ex, asks him for help finding her missing CIA father.

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